Women shine bright whether they’re center stage or behind the scenes. From podcasters to comediennes, undercover flutists and secret producers, their unique talents make the things we listen to a million times better. This month, Pandora is connecting you with amazing women and celebrating the gifts that they share with the world. Every day, women speak volumes. This Women’s History Month, let’s listen.

In honor of International Women’s Day today, we’re celebrating the females that are sometimes behind the scenes making big things happen in the music industry with the launch of Pandora Stories: Women Behind the Hits. Pandora Stories is a new feature that connects you with your favorite artists on a deeper level with exclusive voice interludes between tracks. With Women Behind the Hits, we’ve compiled a playlist of 10 tracks that were written or produced by contemporary women who‘ve been instrumental in shaping the sounds of now.

Discover the badass women of music, podcasts and comedy now with some of our favorites picks below. Want an experience that’s totally personalized to you? Check out the newest addition to our Personalized Soundtracks feature that curates your very own personal empowerment playlist, customized to feature the female artists in the genres you love the most.  The “Your Women’s History Month” Personalized Soundtrack is unique to you–and only you– and your listening habits.

Podcasts that speak to you:

  • Not By Accident: A documentary podcast series about choosing to become a single mother and coping with being one.
  • Women Belong In The House: More women in office? Yes, please! This narrative-style show digs into stories of hope and talks about the record number of women running for office this November.
  • Inflection Point with Lauren Schiller: A radio show and podcast about how women rise up.
  • The Bechdel Cast: A weekly podcast about the representation of women in film hosted by Los Angeles-based comedians Caitlin Durante and Jamie Loftus.
  • The Waves: A weekly conversation about news and culture examined through the lens of gender and feminism. 

Music that moves you:

  • Rising Women in Country: The best new female country artists, all in one place.
  • Feminist Anthems: From hard-hitting reflections on double standards, body autonomy and the patriarchy to uplifting anthems celebrating girl power and self-love, women having been singing truth to power for as long as we can remember.
  • Queens Rising: Queens Rising features the hottest trendsetting women in the hip hop game. Press play and hear these ladies rip.
  • Girl Power: Get familiar with the Queens of Pop and tune in when you’re ready to “spice up your life” with your best gals.
  • Women that Rock: A lineup of female musicians that break the mold and rock out just as hard as the guys. Listen now to hear some dude-free radness.
  • Las Diosas Del Pop Latino: Check out these powerhouse ballads as well as dance anthems by the greatest female singers who have helped define Latin pop music of today.
  • Women in Electronic Music: Dedicated to all the female luminaries who compose and record in the realm of electronic music. Listen now to hear the best women producers, DJs, singers and champions of the genre.
  • Ladies First: Your favorite women in hip hop from every generation.

Comedy that lifts you:

  • Nasty Women Comedy: Support the movement with this playlist featuring brash, bold and nasty women comedians.
  • New Comedy Now: Girls: Looking for your next favorite female comedian? Look no further than our New Comedy Now: Girls playlist featuring the best up-and-coming female comics of today.
  • Women in Comedy: Women in Comedy features the best, brightest and (most importantly) the funniest in female comedians. Perfect for that Thelma & Louise-inspired road trip with your BFF.