Our curators’ favorite songs that tell a story.

These songs recount legends or true stories that teach us something about the human experience. Sometimes touching and occasionally hilarious, they keep our curators enraptured by their narrative until the very last note.

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R-1288821-1206828470.jpegThe Raconteurs“Carolina Drama”

Leave it to Jack White to keep you on the edge of your seat. His voice shivers and shakes as this murder mystery reaches its climax, and you can hear him smirking as he lets slip that last cliffhanger.

Julian Ring


Bobbie-Gentry-Ode-To-Billy-Joe-Album-Cover-web-730Bobbie Gentry“Ode to Billie Joe”

The story song against which all other story songs are judged. The contrast of suicide with the “banality of everyday life,” plus the nebulous ending, will keep this song haunting your dreams.

Rachel Whitney


suck-on-this-5089bdac92e7dPrimus“Tommy the Cat”

Primus has hella “tall tale” songs. This one is probably my favorite, and features Tom Waits as the voice of Tommy.

Diego Herrera


bdylan-desire_08Bob Dylan“Hurricane”

Before we had Netflix’s Making a Murderer, we had Bob Dylan. Back when people could understand what he was singing, Dylan wove the narrative of middleweight boxer Rubin “Hurricane” Carter’s wrongful imprisonment into one a really long song. Despite a lack of physical evidence, Carter was arrested in 1966 for a triple homicide in New Jersey. Dylan and Jacques Levy co-wrote this song in 1975, bringing the case to a larger audience. Carter was retried 10 years later, not so much (if at all) because of the song, but because of woke-ass Federal Judge H. Lee Sarokin, who granted Carter a writ of habeas corpus. Carter walked free in 1988.

Eric Shea


10_700_700_481_allhailwesttex_mini_900pxThe Mountain Goats“The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton”

Probably the ultimate Mountain Goats song. It’s a bittersweet tale of two metalheads in Denton, Texas, aspiring for so much more. An early indicator that MG main man (and master lyricist) John Darnielle would become a New York Times best-selling novelist.

Andee Connors


noroses_6303046Shirley Collins and the Albion Country Band“Murder of Maria Marten”

As with so many folk songs, this one passes along real news: the story of William Corder and the Red Barn Murder of 1827, along with its cautionary message for young ladies.

Diego González


Lee_Hazlewood_-_The_N.S.V.I.P.'sLee Hazlewood“I Might Break Even”

I love Hazlewood’s whimsical approach to country music and storytelling.

Lee Robinson


a1535970238_10Sufjan Stevens“Casimir Pulaski Day”

In this abstract collage of feelings and moments, Sufjan finger-paints what love and death look like from a child’s perspective. One of the all-time saddest songs. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Julian Ring


R-1268787-1403331247-1704.jpegGordon Lightfoot“The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”

In November 1975, all hands were lost when a freighter sank in Lake Superior during a storm. Less than a year later, Gordon Lightfoot unveiled this fitting tribute: an old-fashioned maritime ballad recounting the doomed voyage.

Julian Ring


665d9e9dc5704b5494cefc5ca8e9ebd4Bob Dylan and the Band“Million Dollar Bash”

I wish could go to this party. It sure would beat all the ones I end up ghosting out here. At the risk of sounding like Saturday Night Live‘s Stefon, this party has EVERYTHING: a storyteller named Silly Nelly, a trash collector named Jones, mashed potatoes and a human clock-puncher. What’s a human clock-puncher, you ask? It’s that thing where a guy is so dumb that he punches his face with his own fist every time he looks at his watch!

Eric Shea