Waking up isn’t easy, but now it can be a little more fun. We’re excited to announce that Android™ users can now choose music from Pandora to use as their alarm sound.

Before you get started, make sure you have the latest version of the Clock app from Google™ and Pandora app installed.

How to set an alarm:

  1. Open the Clock app from Google on your Android device.  
  2. Tap on the Alarm tab.
  3. Select the plus symbol to create an alarm.


     4. Select the bell symbol and then choose Pandora.

     5. Check out your recently played stations and our recommendations for early morning jams in the Browse section (Morning Hits Radio, Morning Hip Hop: Rise and Grind Radio, Country Breakfast Radio, and more), or look up your favorite station by selecting the search icon on the bottom of the screen. Premium users can also search and select specific tracks, albums, or playlists.


    6. Tap the item to preview the alarm.

    7. After selecting your morning soundtrack, tap the return icon to go back to the alarm tab to set the time, mode, and other settings.

When the alarm goes off, your music will begin to play with album art displayed in the background. At this point, you can choose to snooze, turn off the alarm, or keep listening to your music simply by tapping the “Continue Playing” button.


Take full advantage of our Clock app from Google experience and sign up for a 60-day free trial of Pandora Premium today by visiting https://www.pandora.com/upgrade/premium.

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