Our users love listening to Pandora on their favorite mobile and connected home devices, from voice-enabled speakers to smart TVs to gaming consoles.

So, we’re excited to announce that Pandora users will soon be able to enjoy their favorite music and podcasts on Apple HomePod, including the new Apple HomePod mini, by using their voice.

Pandora on HomePod combines our deeply-personalized listening experience with the breakthrough audio quality of Apple’s smart speaker, which delivers custom high-fidelity audio wherever it plays, and creates an entirely new way to discover and interact with music at home with Siri.


With Pandora on HomePod, users will be able to easily play their favorite Pandora content and control their listening experience hands-free by using simple Siri voice commands, such as:

“Hey Siri, play some relaxing music on Pandora.”

“Hey Siri, play the Sway’s Interviews podcast on Pandora.”

Pandora will be available on Apple HomePod soon. Once available, users will be able to enable Pandora listening directly from HomePod by tapping this link via their iOS device, or following these steps in the Pandora app for iOS:

1. Download the latest version of Pandora’s mobile app for iOS
2. Open the Pandora app on your iOS device
3. Select Profile > Settings (gear icon) > “Connect with HomePod” > “Use in Home”

Users will also be able to select Pandora their your preferred music service on HomePod for even simpler voice commands, such as:

“Hey Siri, play Drake.”

“Hey Siri, play my Thumbprint Radio.”

To select Pandora as your default music player on HomePod when available, follow these steps:

1. Open the Home app on your iOS device
2. Select the home icon at the top left of the screen
3. Select “Home Settings”
4. Select your avatar to view personal settings
5. Select “Preferred Service” > “Pandora”

Visit here to learn about all of the places you can enjoy Pandora – at home, in the car, or on the go.

And to enjoy Pandora on HomePod mini with ad-free music listening, searchable on-demand music, and fully customizable playlists, sign up for a free trial of Pandora Premium today at https://www.pandora.com/upgrade/premium.