Today we’re announcing Pandora’s personalized soundtracks — unique playlists built just for you. We’re testing them now with a small group of Pandora Premium users and look forward to bringing them to all our Premium subscribers soon. The personalized playlists fit your moods, activities and favorite genres and are updated each week based on your individual musical tastes. We combined our human curation with personalized algorithms to automatically serve up new artists and songs anticipating the perfect balance of discovery and steady favorites.

We do the work, you have the control, and the experience is uniquely you.

Behind the scenes, Pandora’s personalized soundtracks are powered by our Music Genome – the richest dataset of music information in the world. We apply a state-of-the-art ensemble of 75+ machine learning algorithms spanning bleeding-edge deep learning techniques, raw audio content analysis and collaborative filtering methods for listener preferences. And, we’ve combined these techniques with our expert in-house curation team to build playlists that reflect who you are today and evolve with you tomorrow.

How they work: We can see you like to party. (Stay with me). From current pop hits to classic rock anthems to club bangers, your music preferences defy genre and style to demonstrate an energy all your own. From there, we unlock “Your Party Soundtrack.” This genre-bending playlist is automatically generated and updated with new music on a weekly basis to keep it fresh. Most importantly, “Your Party Soundtrack” is yours and yours alone – no one else will have one like it. It’ll contain some of your familiar favorites while also inspiring us to find you new tracks that seamlessly fit into your (party) listening experience.

These new playlists will appear in the “Browse” section under “Featured Playlists” on the mobile app. The more you listen to differentiated music, the more playlists you’ll get. If you love what you hear, you can easily save “Your Soundtracks” to your collection so that they’re always a tap away. Or if you become really attached to a few particular songs, you can add just those to your collection or existing playlists.  And if you want to share a playlist with friends, go for it! They’ll be able to check it out whether they subscribe to Plus, Premium, or listen to Pandora for free.

We’re rolling personalized soundtracks out to more and more Premium listeners over the next couple of months. Stay tuned!



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