We all know the feeling of discovering a new track you love. Whether it’s during your morning commute, your evening run, or while you’re getting ready for a night out, the feeling is instantaneous–you know you’ve found something that you’re going to be playing on repeat over and over again. Here at Pandora, we’re obsessed with making those moments happen as frequently as possible for our listeners.

Without further ado, we’re introducing The Drop, a new personalized playlist for our Premium listeners. This new feature uses our state of the art machine learning models to create a custom-built playlist filled with the latest and greatest music from the artists you love as well as new artists we think you’ll love. And best of all, it’s automatically updated as soon as new music drops–so you’ll never miss a beat!

So, how does it work?

  • Songs are added the day they are released: We check for new releases that are relevant to you, daily. Just check your playlist to be the first to see hot new tracks.
  • The Drop is personalized to your specific listening habits: No need to search through lists of new releases that aren’t relevant to you– our algorithms do the work for you and populate the playlist with your must-listen music.
  • Songs are listed in order, newest on top: View your new tracks in the order that they were released, and keep track of all your favorite new songs– no need to worry about them disappearing each week; we’ll feature up to the 100 latest.

Love that new jam? Add it to My Music, or share it with friends and family so you can brag that you heard it first. For now, this playlist is only available to our Premium subscribers and trial users. So if you’re a Premium listener, and you qualify, you can check out The Drop on the “Playlists” tab of the “My Music” section of the app today. If you don’t see your playlist there yet, don’t fret–we’ll unlock it for you once you’ve listened enough on Premium for us to create your own custom built version of The Drop.

Finding what you love earlier is easier with Pandora, and now finding new music just got easier with The Drop.

Evan Paul & Sam Barrett, Pandora Product Managers