Technology has brought tens of millions of songs right to our fingertips, available anytime, anywhere. And let’s be honest, that can be overwhelming… especially when the common design principle is a search box… and good luck.  

But a premium experience shouldn’t just be about access. We believe it should be about honoring and serving each person’s own unique musical tastes. So when we built Premium, we took a completely different approach, one based on the same principle we used when we revolutionized radio. The belief that we are all different and our musical tastes are as unique to us as our thumb print.

Yeah, you can now find and play specific songs. And albums. But, Pandora Premium is so much more than music on-demand. With Premium, you can find the music you love, but maybe more importantly, the music you love finds you. Effortlessly. It adapts to you by using all the signals – thumbs, replays, skips and stations adds – you’ve given us over the years to help curate your Pandora stations. You’ll see it from the moment you open Premium for the first time. It’s already tuned to you. Check it out now on the App Store, Google Play or at

We hope you enjoy our latest creation – we built it for you. Each one of you.

From a proud founder,


Oh, and P.S.:  A whole bunch of our talented friends are joining us. Check out mixtapes inspired by their favorites below or go behind the scenes with artists including Big Sean at


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