Podcasts are a welcome complement to music. Stories that inspire, reveal, make us laugh, create meaning, give context, teach us something new, or simply make us think, are the future of audio. Like music, podcasts are special–and unique to– all of us. Following our streaming partnership with Serial for Season One and Two that hooked millions of Pandora listeners on the weekly podcast, we’re excited to announce that the wait is over. Serial Season Three is now available to all Pandora listeners!

From the creators of This American Life, the new season of the Peabody Award-winning show takes place in Cleveland, Ohio and goes behind the scenes on multiple cases — an intriguing departure from the format of the first two seasons.They chose Cleveland, because they were given extraordinary access to record inside courtrooms, judges’ chambers, back hallways and attorneys’ offices. Host Sarah Koenig and reporter Emmanuel Dzotsi spent more than a year there, documenting how justice is calculated – the manipulations, the distortions, the justifications, the gap between what people did and what they were punished for.

When Serial launched in 2014, backed by the detailed work co-creator Julie Snyder, the emotionally-gripping phenomenon brought a new kind of on-demand journalism to listeners. The case of Adnan Syed was on the minds of podcast fans across the country, and the surprises and mystery kept us all on the edge of our seats. This binge-worthy dedication to detailed investigation and honest reporting is why Pandora is partnering with Serial and This American Life to give listeners the chance to continue diving into incredible stories with a new chapter each week on Thursdays.

The first two episodes are now live on Pandora– check out the new season on www.pandora.com/serial. We can’t wait to discuss!