The preparation, the stress, the perfect outfit, the photo documentation…ah, the promposal. For those of you looking to seal the deal, we think setting the promposal to music is a surefire way to ensure a “Yes!” So, without further adieu:

How to create your own custom promprosal station, in six simple steps:

  1. Let’s get started – type in your date’s favorite artist or song.
  2. Mix it up! Click the “Add Variety” option underneath the station name. Add as many artists or songs to make a station worthy of your perfect prom.
  3. Now that you made it, give it a name. Click the arrow to the right of the station and select “Rename This Station”.  Make it good – you need them to say yes.
  4. Put on your game face, you got this.
  5. Unleash your station on your lucky promposal recipient – go back to your friendly arrow, but this time select the “Share” button.
  6. Enjoy prom – you’re welcome.

Need some inspiration? We looked at the most thumbed up songs for 16-18 year olds for a taste of what will be spinning at proms across the country.

Basic RGB

Did you create a promprosal station or have a story to share? Let us know.


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    1. PandoraSupport
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      Hi Fred - we'd be happy to help. Please email us and we can get you back to listening: -Kim
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