1. Arthur Lee

The late, great, self-proclaimed “first black hippie” gets a deluxe reissue.

Before his untimely death in 2006, Arthur Lee claimed that without him, there’d be no Jimi Hendrix or Sly Stone. Sure enough, the extended Black Beauty rocks loud and funks hard. By 1973, Love was a vacuum-tight all-black band. Vestiges of their early psychedelic sophistication surface in “Lonely Pigs.” –Eric Shea


Oakland’s Shannon & The Clams continue pioneering their distinctively fun sound.

2. Shannon & The Clams

On their fourth studio album Gone By The Dawn, Shannon Shaw and the Clams draw on doo-wop, garage rock and girl groups with dark, slick and soulfully emotive vocals. Opener “I Will Miss The Jasmine” features freaky Joe Meek-esque sonic beams, paving the road for one heckuva killer album!  –Michelle Solomon

Roseau distills cathartic avant-pop.

3. Roseau

UK artist Roseau (aka Kerry Leatham) joins the ranks of FKA Twigs and Grimes on her debut album Salt, an uncategorizable masterwork of precise and often minimalist electronica balanced by her haunting voice. While she often utilizes (and deconstructs) the palette and loping energy of trap, she doesn’t shy from reverb-laden guitar or soaring synthpop. –Party Ben

Aún más flow…

6. DJ Nelson & Onell FlowDJ Nelson is an industry OG. Onell Flow is an up-and-comer, following in the footsteps of said OG. Flow Music is their legendary label and production house. Although they may not be household names for many, Estás Aquí is their new single and features verses from Daddy Yankee, Nicky Jam, J. Álvarez and Zion. Now you know. –Marcos Juarez

Michelle Buteau should never Shut Up!

4. Michelle ButeauThe brassy standup comic’s debut album arrives right alongside her recent Comedy Central Half Hour. Buteau kicks things off by showcasing her crowdwork skills and then moves on to associating the smell of urine with safety, being known as “Fat Beyonce” in Holland and the gripping true story of her illiterate first boyfriend. –Kelly Anneken

Slowcore pioneers expand their sonic palette on this divine, downer-pop masterpiece.

LOW_OnesSixes_coverTwenty-five years on, Low continue to craft some of the most breathtaking indie pop around. On Ones And Sixes, they’ve augmented the delicate harmonies and glacial beauty of previous records with dense, distorted drum machines, swirling shoegazey synths, and a dynamic intensity that displays a surprising sonic heft. –Andee Connors

T.I. surprises listeners with a new EP and an old nickname on Da’ Nic

7. T.I.Returning to the trapped out fan favorite tip, T.I. gives us a sneak peak at what’s in store on his forthcoming album Dime Trap. Chocked full of bass and swagger, Tip joins forces with Young Thug and Young Dro on “Peanut Butter Jelly.” The album bounces around with updated production accenting the return of his classic character. Look out for the Bankroll Mafia in 2015! –J Boogie


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