Duran Duran is hitting all the right notes.
1. Duran DuranNew Wave legends Duran Duran are killing it with this new album. I mean, guests including Janelle Monae, Nile Rodgers and John Frusciante?! The title? Paper Gods?! And that cover art! Perfect. And the songs back it up too. “Pressure Off” is a particularly tasty slice of old school Duran Duran vibes. –Diego Gonzalez



This is the sound of a band hitting their stride.

2. Stone Foxes

Stone Foxes frontman Shannon Koehler may not listen to George Jones, but with Twelve Spells, the raspy singer seems to have taken Jones’ “write about what you know” credo to heart. These roots-rockers muse on Koehler’s multiple heart surgeries, income inequality and biblical references – spun into timeless garage rock gold. –Eric Shea


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Last Comic Standing finalist charms with Secret Unicorn.

3. Andy EriksonAndy Erikson’s delivery is reminiscent of comedy vets Maria Bamford and Mary Mack, but her gentle, goofy jokes and wordplay are perfectly fitting for someone who gets her news from Sesame Street. On this album, she pronounces “Minnesota” correctly, shares her love of Twitter lists and describes a Slinky in an elevator. –Kelly Anneken


Finally a definitive version of The Jimi Hendrix Experience’s Atlanta Pop set.

4. Jimi Hendrix

Are you ready to get experienced, yet again? Hendrix fans will be very pleased with Freedom: Atlanta Pop Festival (Live), which got the proper studio treatment making the sound quality of the now-legendary 1970 performance off the chart amazing, adding yet another treasure to his expansive archive. –Michelle Solomon


Scarface hits back hard after seven years of silence with Deeply Rooted

5. ScarfaceFrom the first note, this album brings you back to the classic stories told by this Geto Boy. Learn the lessons from a classic Texas OG who’s made it in the game 12 albums deep as producer. N.O. Joe takes you to Houston with his soulful sound. –J Boogie



DVA Deconstructs Dance Music

6. Dead Prez

The Dead Prez sample that gives this EP its name goes “All y’all records sound the same,” a phrase that could be a rallying cry for the insistently groundbreaking Hyperdub label. On AllyallrecordsLondon-based producer DVA layers stuttering beats and fizzy crackles around hypnotic guest vocals, landing somewhere left of FKA twigs, footwork and Andy Stott. –Party Ben


Psych-otropic deadbeat doom!

7. Uncle Acid

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats have cooked up another corker, one that’s steeped in bleary eared occultism and pulpy, musical menace. The Night Creeper is a concept record of sorts, employing ultra potent strains of lysergic psych-pop and doomy, hard rocking heaviness to regale us with morbidly mysterious tales of the title’s nefarious Creeper. –Andee Connors



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