Minor Victories – Minor Victories

Major Confluence

PrintThough they’ve been called a supergroup, Minor Victories are more a dream band. Slowdive’s Rachel Goswell sings spectral inflections over beautiful soundscapes created by members of Mogwai and Editors. But from grafting these branches of musical family trees, an entirely new species is born. Elements of Krautrock braid with post-rock and shoegaze guitars to innovate gorgeous, sonic sophistication.

by Eric Shea

Curator’s Pick: Edwin Luna y La Trakalosa De Monterrey – Así Cantaba Mi Padre

A refreshing step away
02_Edwin Luna…from the balada format that dominates contemporary bandaLa Trakalosa pays tribute to classic polkas and rancheras norteñas, with tracks made famous by El Palomo y El Gorrión (featured on “Toda La Chapa”), Los Cadetes de Linares and Ramón Ayala. Edwin Luna’s vocals are standout, and the cuts with accordion and bajo quinto are next level.

by Marcos Juarez


Psychic Mirrors – Nature of Evil 

Miami’s throwback boogie crew make you dance in the sunshine.

03_Psychic MirrosCosmic Chronic crew Psychic Mirrors bring you back to a time of neon roller-skates and terrycloth headbands. Funking up the place with an ‘80s sounding synthed-out groove and classic falsetto harmonies, they nail the sound of pop-locking on the pier. Plug in the DX-7 and jam with these disco freaks.

by J Boogie


Shalewa Sharpe – Stay Eating Cookies

A new voice puts the futon down for her fans. 

04_ShalewaNYC comic Sharpe recorded her debut release in her native Atlanta, and her low, gravelly delivery and spiky observations on gender and race recall comedy luminaries Janeane Garofalo and Wanda Sykes. Listen for Sharpe’s descriptions of NYC winters (magical, then cold) and guide to Northern racism (you’ll need a password).

by Kelly Anneken


Maren Morris – HERO

A Breath of Fresh Air

05_MarenOn HERO, Morris’ frank lyrics, incomparable vocals and genre-defying production combine for a debut album that surpasses high expectations set by the beloved windows-down, road-trip-karaoke inspired “My Church.” Traditional country fans may lean towards “I Could Use a Love Song” while those willing to walk closer to the edge will love songs like pop-inspired “Rich.”

by Rachel Whitney


Earthless & Harsh Toke – Acid Crusher / Mount Swan

Feed your head!

06_EarthlessSan Diego masters of sonic delirium, Earthless and Harsh Toke team up for a match made in a smoky heaven. A split “single” with two jams clocking in at over 30 minutes of blazing guitars, hella efx and vibez for daze. Drugs have never been so musical. Or is it music that’s never been so druggy?

by Diego Gonzalez


Hailey Knox – Geeks (Single)

More than “just a bunch of nerds.”  

07_Hailey KnoxLike Alessia Cara’s “Here,” Hailey Knox’s debut single nails the new adolescent manifesto of the coolness in being uncool. With lyrics like, “You’ll get what you deserve/ When all the geeks inherit the earth,” this newcomer has the breezy confidence to win over teenage outsiders everywhere.

by Jordan Davidoff


The Strokes – Future, Present, Past

Their First Release In Three Years

08_The StrokesThis new EP’s title makes more sense in context. “Drag Queen” (future) is a faithful but forward-looking approximation of a New Order song, “Oblivious” (present) sounds like the band’s recent work with a guitar hook that’s more classic rock than LES cool. “Threat Of Joy” (past) plays like an outtake from their seminal debut. 

by Mat Bates


Real Friends – The Home Inside My Head

Pop Punk At Its Finest

Pop punk09_Real Friends has always held a special place in the hearts of most Warped Tour attendees. Festival darlings Real Friends embodies everything loved about the genre with the perfect balance of upbeat riffs, raw energy and “sad boy” lyrics. This album places them amongst the greats. Standout tracks “Mess” and “Colder Quicker” are pure gold.

by Crystal Lowe


Indie Sub of the Week: Jenny Don’t & The Spurs – Fever Dreams

Portland Twang-Punk Supergroup

10_Jenny Don'tWith an arsenal of big guns from the legendary Northwest bands WipersPierced ArrowsThe Rats and Thee Headliners, Jenny Don’t wields a noticeably tougher sound than most of her twangy contemporaries. Standouts include the aptly titled “Hot As A Desert” and a sultry duet of Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood’s “Ladybird” with Poison Idea‘s Jerry A.

by Eric Shea


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