B.o.BB.o.B. gets you high on the funk with Psycadelik Thoughtz.

His perfect mixture of soulful harmonies, funky bass, southern slang, vocoder and spaced out beats provide the soundtrack for a spaceship landing in Georgia. Back and Forth has a funky steppers vibe, and guests Jon Bellion and Sevyn Streeter add to the flavor on this surprise release. –J Boogie


Bay Area gem radiates goth-folk garage-rock gold.


“Don’t know it yet/ You’re going to love me,” warns gauzy voiced Kati Knox, as if she’s casting a siren’s spell. Her Oakland based band Calls has a penchant for recording bewitching, lo-fi songs. Drenched in reverb and analog hiss, Tiny Flowers sounds like John Dwyer produced it in Paula Frazer’s home studio. –Eric Shea

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Dornik is finally here!


Coming to us from PMR Records (the label behind Euro-Soul greats Disclosure and Jessie Ware)

Dornik’s self-titled debut album is finally here after his quiet introduction with single “Something About You” in 2013. His beautiful vocals sound uncannily like he trained directly behind The King of Pop himself, making Dornik well worth the wait. –Kike Aluko


Lana Del Rey just wants to get “High By The Beach.”

Lana Del Rey

The latest single sees the pop singer return to the bold honesty that first put her on the map. Lacing the hip-hop inspired groove heard on Born To Die with the storytelling rigor of Ultraviolence, she creates a fresh and familiar intoxicating sound that will leave you hooked. –Michelle Solomon



Louis CK, live once again.

Louis CK 2

Hot on the heels of January’s Live At the Comedy Store, the reigning king of comedy is back with Live at Madison Square Garden. Some jokes are repeats, but MSG offers a totally different sound and enough new jokes to stand alone. Standouts include musings on American Girl Dolls and privileges the elderly should enjoy. –Kelly Anneken


For the Church of Joanna Newsom, a time of rejoicing.

Joanna Newsom

Fives years we acolytes have awaited the return of our anointed one, and verily she comes bearing the fruits of her labor. Enter the mysteries of “Sapokanikan,” reminiscent of the Book of Have One On Me, with liturgical harmonies gracing her soaring melodies and arrangements that recollect prophetess Shirley Collins. –Diego Gonzalez


Bang your head! NEDal health’ll drive you mad!

Okilly Demos

On Okilly Demos, Phoenix’s Okilly Dokilly, clad in matching pink Izods, pay homage to beloved Simpsons do-goodilly-two-shoes Ned Flanders. The four episode-themed tracks fuse chugging riffs and monster drum pound to wild synth squiggle and shrieking garage-punk for a sound like a metal Tears For Fears or a more lo-fi, sci-fi Tool.  –Andee Connors



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