Cheap Trick  Bang, Zoom, Crazy…Hello

Three dudes, four chords.
1. Cheap TrickDropping in convenient accordance with their upcoming Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame induction, Cheap Trick prove their place in the annals of American music as one of the most successful guitar pop bands of all time, offering a handful of new songs with their signature blend of classic power pop, hard rock, and gorgeous ballads.

by Michelle Solomon


Curator’s Pick: Marc Kate – Despairer

Torpor begets tumult.   
2. Marc KateDespair may be the theme of Kate’s debut collection of abstract audio alchemy, yet a warm, ethereal glow suffuses Despairer’s soft-swirl shimmer and hushed, haunting drift. Moments of minimal mesmer and tendrils of ghostly, theremin-like melody are set against luminous conflagrations of gristled static and blurry ambience, reminiscent of fellow electro-dronelords Tim Hecker and Christian Fennesz.

by Andee Connors


Indie Sub of the Week: Thee Avalanche – No Shadow 

Give the drummer(s) some!
3. Thee AvalancheTemecula, California may not be a hotbed for weirdo, avant rock. But it somehow spawned this strange sonic beast: a triple drummered power trio, whose bombastic battery sounds like Elvin Jones battling the Boredoms or like a bass-less Lightning Bolt. Mix in some dubbed out, mush-mouthed vox, and you’ve got a gloriously rhythmic, psychedelic cacophony!

by Andee Connors


Charles Bradley – Changes

Soul Music for Metalheads

4. Charles BradleySure, the most salient song here is Mr. Bradley’s beautifully heart wrenching cover of Black Sabbath’s “Changes.” But look closer under the hood and you’ll hear that the “Screaming Eagle of Soul” is just as legit as Otis ReddingEtta JamesHoward TateSharon JonesJames Brown or any other notable luminaries of the genre.

by Eric Shea


Berner – Hempire

SF’s drugstore cowboy lights up the Best Thang Smokin.

5. BernerTake a trip with Berner, the Yay’s runner carrying the torch for weed-rap. When he’s not cooking up cookies with Lil’ Kim or rollin’ with notorious stoners Wiz KhalifaSnoop Dogg and B-Real, Berner flows over soulful west coast beats sprinkled with a touch of trapped out thump for the trunk.

by JBoogie


Leon Vynehall  Rojus (Designed to Dance)

Shake your tail feather.

6. Leon VynehallBritish producer Vynehall stunned on his 2014 debut Music for the Uninvited with soaring, propulsive house (even audaciously sampling J Dilla). Rojus (purportedly a meditation on Bird of Paradise mating rituals) is richly layered, with organic atmospherics, exotic percussion and unexpected melodies, and yet irresistibly, lustfully groovy, the insistent kick compelling you to strut your stuff.

by Party Ben


Moxie Raia – 931

Moxie Raia’s pop-R&B debut is wise beyond her years. 

7. MoxieWhen you’re formally trained in jazz vocals but your heart is in contemporary hip hop, a result like 931 is a best-case scenario. Fans of Tori Kelly and Alessia Cara will flock to Moxie’s R&B-leaning pop melodies; with an opening slot on Justin Bieber’s world tour, Raia is already blowing up.

by Jordan Davidoff


Chris Garcia – Laughing & Crying At the Same Time

Jokes can have feelings too, you guys.

8. Chris GarciaGarcia’s debut album marries rapid-fire punchlines with heartfelt stories and a refreshingly emotional performance. The Comedy Central and This American Life veteran offers up a literal translation of “La Bamba,” recounts losing his virginity in excruciating detail and shares the complicated reality of caring for his ailing father.

by Kelly Anneken


Tim Hecker –Love Streams

A Cosmic and Almost Religious Sense of Space and Wonder

9. Tim HeckerWorking in some pretty advanced conceptual spaces, Tim Hecker warps heavily processed pipe organ and voice sounds into pulsing layers of abstract chords with snippets of melodies whisping past in the waves. On Love Streams, he’s moving beyond deep drone into more abstract territory a la Fennesz or Aphex Twin.

by Diego Gonzalez


Deftones  Gore

Deftones conquer but don’t tame tension and aggression.

10. DeftonesThe Deftones’ eighth album is the first since bassist Che Cheng passed. There’s plenty to love here for fans of every persuasion. If you dig Stephen Carpenter’s reverb/delay-laden atmospherics and soft/loud dynamics, you’ll love tracks like “(L)Mirl” and “Hearts/Wires.” If you’re looking for Adrenaline-era aggression, check “Doomed User” and the title track.

by Mat Bates


  1. Lara Lay
    April 12, 2016 at 8:57pm
    I had Multiple Different Albums on Pandora and then I had to change Phones and then lost all of the Different Albums that I had created all Country Love Song's of mine and my deceased Husbands Favorite Songs how do I retrieve my Albums ?
    1. PandoraSupport
      April 18, 2016 at 3:03pm
      Hi Lara - it sounds like you may have a second Pandora account with your old stations. Please email our support team for help:

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