Bro country approaches middle age.

1. Luke Bryan

Don’t let the title of Luke Bryan’s fifth album fool you; He’s still young at heart. Kill The Lights opens musing on trucks, tractors and partying. And the title-track fuses disco beats with country-pop. But “Just Over” reveals Bryan maturely handling a breakup while “Scarecrows” finds him accepting things that change and things that don’t. –Eric Shea



Jay Pharoah impersonates everyone else while asking, Can I Be Me?

2. Jay Pharoah

The SNL veteran’s debut comedy album features a rapid-fire parade of the celebrity impressions he’s known for, alongside more personal tales of why he’s scared of Richard Sherman, his pre-fame gig working at Golden Corral, and how a shark attack ruined his relationship. –Kelly Anneken


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Timing is everything.

3. Dr. Dre

And the release of Dr. Dre’s Compton was impeccably timed. Consistent with the formula, this project is as much about self-promotion as it is to provide established artists and newcomers with a platform under the Dre umbrella. Similarities end there. This is as dynamic and inventive as we’ve seen the D-R-E, and moves way beyond just beats. –Marcos Juarez


David Gilmour brings the drowsy funk.


If you’ve followed his career in and out of Pink Floyd, you know David Gilmour is generally a mellow dude. But sometimes he pulls out some surprise pop moves, like “Not Now John” or “Until We Sleep.” “Rattle That Lock” is prime Gilmour in that vein, replete with excellent slow hand guitar solos. –Diego Gonzalez



Take a world tour with Water for Your Soul.

5. Joss Stone

Three years after her last studio album, Joss Stone returns with her seventh and latest, Water for Your Soul. Producer Damian Marley sets the tone for the album with some Caribbean-influenced reggae vibes and then takes us around the world by adding in some New Orleans brass and Latin beats. –Kike Aluko



Dillon Francis: So Hot Right Now

6. Dillon Francis

Even in the whirlwind of ever-changing EDM genres, moombahton seemed ephemeral. It did spawn a star in jovial DJ Dillon Francis, who quickly expanded his sonic palette into electro and trap. On This Mixtape Is Fire, he returns to his “birth genre,” recruiting A-listers like Calvin Harris and Skrillex for truly blazing midtempo stompers. –Party Ben


This classic 1982 novelty hit gets a modern makeover!

7. buckner & Garcia

As Earth defends itself from an armada of 8bit aliens with only Adam Sandler and Kevin James to defend us, Buckner & Garcia rally the troops with their classic “Pacman Fever,” now outfitted with modern beats and some rapping, but still boasting Gary Garcia’s original vocals (he passed away in 2011). –Andee Connors





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