HÆLOS appeals to the divine.

01_HaelosFull Circle opens majestically, sampling philosopher Alan Watts on the power of love and religion. Throughout their debut, UK trio HÆLOS exudes an obsession with the sacred (and our fallen nature), combining their questioning, often-anguished laments with music that evokes the most revered artists of the trip-hop era: MobyPortisheadMassive Attack. –Party Ben


Un Conjunto En Plena Descarga

Bambulaye02_Los Hacherosthe second effort from Los Hacheros, is the sum of its parts, which, in this case, are countless little touches that elevate the date beyond the standard. Inventive arrangements of sones, guarachas, guaguancó, rumba danzones and bomba are highlighted by dynamic instrumentation, boasting violin, flute, baritone sax, trombone and Arsenio-esque tres. Brooklyn sí, tiene swing! –Marcos Juarez



Cult of doomed rifflords worships fuzzed-out psych and retro-heavy blues.

03_High PlainsOn High PlainsYoungblood Supercult erects a mysterious sonic obelisk, which looms ominously over whatever Midwestern ghost town they call home (Topeka!). The sound evokes a wasted, occulted otherworld of stoner swagger and Sabbathy groove, with nods to Black MountainUncle Acid and classic rock heavies Blue Oyster Cult. –Andee Connors

California vibes pervade Sonny & The Sunsets.

04_Sonny and the SunsetsThe new single “Well But Strangely Hung Man” features a lusher sound than their usual stripped down garagey tones, thanks to Merill Garbus of tUnE-yArDs’ production. A Blondie meets Beach House groove complete with synth stabs and a chorus-heavy bass underpins the song with Sonny’s idiosyncratic obtuse storytelling floating on top. –Diego Gonzalez


The bud doesn’t fall far from the bush.

05_Lukas Nelson & Promise of the RealYou can hear Willie Nelson’s DNA in his son’s voice. But Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real plays a different kind of Americana. Vintage San Francisco haunts Something Real. It was recorded in Janis Joplin’s old house and Neil Young cameos on a cover of the 1967 Scott McKenzie flower-power hit. –Eric Shea

Esperanza Spalding defies genre, fusing jazz, funk and prog on her stunning new album.

06_Emily D+ RevolutionPresented under the alter ego of Emily and co-produced by Bowie collaborator Tony Visconti, each song off of Emily’s D+Evolution has its own world, its own planet, opening with a fiery funk-rock groove on “Good Lava” and continues to get wonderfully weirder from thereon out. –Michelle Solomon

Killswitch Engagemetalcore for the melodic-minded.

07_Killswitch EngageOriginal vocalist Jesse Leach is back for his second post-hiatus outing with Killswitch Engage, and for their seventh album Incarnate, the band worked as a unit throughout the writing and recording of the album for the first time since 2002. The result is the most solid metalcore album of 2016 thus far. –Mat Bates

Put Whitney on your radar right now!

08_WhitneyWhat do you get when you intersect members of The Smith Westerns and Unknown Mortal Orchestra? A sick ass band called Whitney, that’s what. Principle release “No Woman” is a charmingly retro hybrid of folk and country soul. Singer Julien Ehrlich’s falsetto vocals will haunt your dreams (in a good way). –Crystal Lowe

Crossing borders with Poirier 

Poirier09_Porier continues to tread the outer limits of reggae-infused compositions on Migration, his latest on Nice Up! Records. With support from Red Fox and Face-T he maneuvers myriad vox-digital stylings throughout, but intrepid instrumentals like “Kypoli” and “Cobra” best illustrate the artist’s sure-footed travels through a landscape of spacey riddim-driven productions. –Diego Herrera

“Don’t Worry” about Frances. 

10_Frances22-year-old Frances’ talent has been recognized in the UK, receiving nominations for the Brit Critic’s Choice and BBC Sound of 2016. Her latest ballad, “Don’t Worry About Me,” is a tearjerker in all the best ways. She pleads with a lover: “I’ll do anything I can to make you comfortable.” You’re gonna need some extra tissues. –Jordan Davidoff


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    April 05, 2016 at 3:17am
    Full circle is a massive one, loved that album. Great to see the guys putting out some fresh material, keep it up! And as always, great blog posts from Pandora.

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