The circle remains unbroken.

Loretta Lynn’s1. Loretta Lynn first album since 2004’s Jack White-produced Van Lear Rose celebrates her six-decade long music career. Fittingly titled Full Circle, The First Lady Of Country Music revisits some of her household staples like “Fist City” and “Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven.” Willie Nelson and Elvis Costello also accompany her on a couple timeless numbers. –Eric Shea


MMOTHS gazes moonward.

2. MMOTHSPoet Carl Sandburg wrote “The moon is a friend for the lonesome to talk to.” Did 22-year-old Irish producer Jack Colleran, recording his debut album in a Los Angeles crashpad, stare wistfully at the night sky? Listening to Luneworks’ melancholic blend of (fellow Celts) My Bloody Valentine-esque majesty with fizzy Flying Lotus-style electronics, one imagines so. –Party Ben


They’re just happy to see you.

Art Rock One3. The Stiffys is a wildly irreverent, fantastically rambunctious and most importantly, super duper fun blast of fuzz drenched, new wave, boogie board obsessed (huh?), garage rock blooze. The Stiffys are hilarious, but they’re also masterful songsmiths, easily shrugging off cries of “joke rock” with crazy catchy songs most “serious” bands would kill for! –Andee Connors

En Tus Manos, La Violencia

Violencia4. Violenca carries well the weight of a three-year absence. Expectations have grown considerably for Argentina’s Él Mató A Un Policía Motorizado, who have found themselves considered amongst the most creative and inspired contemporary Latin American bands. This teaser of their forthcoming full-length is characteristically subdued, with the comforting presence of Santiago Motorizado’s vocals leading throughout. –Marcos Juarez

Wyatt Cenac packs a languid but potent punch.

5. Wyatt CenacOn his third album, Furry Dumb Fighter, the former Daily Show correspondent and King of the Hill writer has honed both his jokecraft and unique viewpoint, breathing new life into well-worn politically charged premises while also managing to offer a refreshing, hilarious take on contemporary America’s most joked about celebrity couple, Kimye. –Kelly Anneken

After a 16-year hiatus, Violent Femmes lean on nostalgia to successfully bring back their sound.

6. Violent FemmesEver since the opening riff of “Blister In The Sun” hit the airways back in 1983, the fame of the Milwaukee punk rock band has continued to grow. Slicker than their records from the ‘80s, We Can Do Anything still sounds like classic Violent Femmes. –Michelle Solomon

Viral sensation Phoebe Ryan is radio ready. 

7. PHoebe RyanShe became an instant phenom last year with her rave-ready cover/mash-up of R. Kelly’s “Ignition” and Miguel’s “Do You.” Ryan’s latest offering, “Chronic,” expands on her Halsey-like ability to lace racy innuendos over silky-smooth synth-pop melodies. Come springtime, this jam will be flying over the heads of unsuspecting chaperones at high school proms. –Jordan Davidoff

Gaslight Anthem frontman gets stripped-down and introspective.

Brian Fallon8. Brian Fallon is following in the work boot-clad footsteps of his punk contemporaries (basically anyone that’s ever played Chuck Ragan’s Revival Tour) with his solo debut Painkillers. His obsession with nostalgia is still salient, but this album is really the sound of a punk growing up and becoming comfortable in his own skin.  –Mat Bates

Day Wave is a dream pop daydream.

9. Day WaveOakland’s own Day Wave is proving to be more than just a passing trend with every heartfelt release. Their latest EP Hard to Read is a lo-fi, sad boy masterpiece complete with dreamy synths and new wave inspired guitar. Sit back, press play and let the soothing sounds drown away your worries. –Crystal Lowe

They’re gonna melt all the ice in our heads…

Nada Surf10. Nada Surf returns with another clutch of practically perfect indie rock, seemingly tailor-made for your next mixtape. Balancing angelic vocals, delicate melodies and rocking bombast, You Know Who You Are works equally well as a balm for a broken heart or a sweet sonic love letter to your new crush. –Andee Connors


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