Live tribute album shows the depth and range of George Harrison’s work.

1_George HarrisonOn George Fest: A Night To Celebrate The Music of George Harrison, the quiet Beatle’s repertoire is represented across a variety of genres and generations. Highlights include Norah Jones’ haunting interpretation of “Something” and Brian Wilson along with two dozen backing players bringing gravitas to “My Sweet Lord.” –Michelle Solomon


A heady swirl of expansive pysch sounds from Mondo Drag.

2_Mondo DragOn The Occultation of Light, Mondo Drag conjure presences from such lodestones as Floyd and Sabbath, natch, but with strong pulses from MahavishnuMike OldfieldDeep PurpleGong and even early Rush. Heavy organ and guitar spells for the shadowy roads of twilight caught on analog tape by Phil Manley. –Diego Gonzalez


A nasty, noisy, anvil-to-the-head from this mysterious, one-man band.

Ghost Turd3_Ghost Turd introduces “Pop Marxism” with a burst of caustic guitar noise, before settling into druggier, distortion-drenched, Butthole Surfers styled pounding and pummeling. Beneath this freaky fug lurks gurglingly demonic, ultra-processed vocals, which occasionally mutate into a warped Tom Jones style croon, all wreathed in eerie, fractured effects and crumbling feedback. –Andee Connors

A Hymn To A Fragmented Metropolis

Anenon4. Anenon (producer Brian Allen Simon) combines jazzy improvisation and electronic studio wizardry on his third album Petrol, inspired by Los Angeles car culture. Like stop-and-go traffic, moments of dreamy atmospherics give way to clattering, breakneck drums and the synth arpeggios on “Mouth” evoke a late-night drive down the 10, faraway lights glittering with promise. –Party Ben

Hauntingly Beautiful Psychedelic Folk Rock 

5_Heron OblivionSan Francisco based Heron Oblivion is one of a handful of bands that are doing the ‘60s revival right. Their Jefferson Airplane-esque self-titled debut is a dreamy homage to bands of yesteryear. Front women Meg Baird’s standout tranquil vocals truly set the mood and perfectly complement the feedback laden, acid rock riffs. –Crystal Lowe

Miguel turns one into five with eclectic suite of remixes.

6_MiguelFans of Miguel know he is so much more than your typical R&B singer. The vocalist showcases his dynamic range on the new Rogue Waves EP. Genre-bending collaborations with Tame ImpalaRACKacey Musgraves and Travi$ Scott collectively offer a version of “Waves” for anyone and everyone. –Jordan Davidoff

Big Von assembles a squad for a certified slapper.

7_Big VonOff Top” goes like any Bay Area slumper should. The combination of Sho Nuff’s teeth rattling production – which recalls the never-dead hyphy Movement – and grimy rhymes from D-Lo Mayne Mannish (The Team), and Husalah (Mob Figaz) results in this required listening for your night’s turn up. –Diego Herrera

Rob Crow’s hiatus is over.

8_Rob CrowAfter taking time off to focus exclusively on family, health and sobriety, Rob Crow is back with a new band and a new album, You’re Doomed. Be Nice. Rob Crow’s Gloomy Place combines esoteric influences (Captain BeefheartThe Residents) with barbed pop hooks and he is clearly in top shape here, both mentally and musically. –Mat Bates


Not all of San Francisco is infested with techies.

9_Jupiter RoseRockers still abound! We’re not talking about noise-popping indie rockers with their boing-boing effect pedals. We mean the heavy thunder of dirty denim wrapped riffs pumped through a filthy hessian’s biker boogie. Named after their favorite beer, Banquet delivers one juggernaut of a debut. Jupiter Rose is unapologetically bellbottomed and loud. –Eric Shea


Furiously filmic heaviness!

10_Graf OrlockPlenty of metal bands pepper their records with movie samples, but grinders Graf Orlock go above and beyond, by making an actual film themselves (presumably not just to sample, but who knows?). Crimetraveler marries goofy, homemade B-movie dialogue (about a time traveling assassin) with a dizzying concoction of mathy hardcore, groovy, Sabbathy sludge and pulverizing, metallic grind. –Andee Connors


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