Gwen Stefani drops new radio-ready single.

01_GwenThe No Doubt singer is gearing up to release her first album in a decade which was kicked off with the first single in 2015, the emotional ballad “Used To Love You.” She returns with a catchier, upbeat, disco pop track for her second single.

Make Me Like You” sounds perfectly timeless. –Michelle Solomon


Enter the Opinion Cave.

02_BrandieComedian Brandie Posey’s outstanding first album covers a lot of ground – knife fight etiquette via The Mighty Ducks; the real reason men eat carrots and an important message about participation trophies. The Lady to Lady podcast cohost also taps musical comedians Karen Kilgariff and Drennon Davis to provide a musical remix of one of her jokes. –Kelly Anneken


A gloriously noisy, exotica infused, drum-heavy din!

Itchy-O03_ItchyO is a 32-piece (!), modern, electronic, marching band featuring members of Crash Worship, Savage Republic and Extra Action Marching Band. On Burn The Navigator, these costumed rhythmatists combine a massive drum corps with a battery of theremins, vocoders, synths and more, unleashing a wildly chaotic and dizzyingly rhythmic rapture! –Andee Connors

The Under Assistant East Coast Promotion Man

04_SturgillHave you seen the HBO series Vinyl? It’s basically Mad Men with 1970s record company execs. Thankfully, the soundtrack delivers. Dig the sleazy strut of Sturgill Simpson’s “Sugar Daddy” or David Johansen reviving the trashy glam of NYC’s rock ‘n’ roll heyday. Fictitious band Nasty Bits does a refreshingly anachronism-free Richard Hell imitation. –Eric Shea

A Grand Vision Of The Beyond

05_EightBellsEmanations from the vast area of the cosmos called the Void, bounded by the Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath nebulae, have fueled creative fires on our lonely rock for many moons. On LandlessEight Bells channels these scintillations of galactic movements through a metal alembic, combining crushing power with wispy tendrils of atmosphere. –Diego Gonzalez

Wild Nothing’s third album: more atmospherics, more saxophone.

06_WildNothingsSomewhere between the ethereal sounds of Cocteau Twins and the sophisti-pop of Aztec Camera lies the music of Jack Tatum, AKA Wild Nothing. On his third album for the venerable Captured Tracks label, Life Of Pause, you’ll hear the results of his four-year writing process and a winter spent in Scandinavia. –Mat Bates

Dabbin’ For Jamaica

07_MrVegasJamdown is a hotbed of dance inspired music, so it makes sense that Mr. Vegas would provide the appropriate response to ATL’s current dance gone viral with “Dancehall Dab.” The drum driven riddim (co-produced by Riva Nile) ping-pongs off of Vegas’ signature falsetto as he ramps up the BPM for this Island take on the Dab. –Diego Herrera

Cavern of Anti-Matter, explores mesmerizing sonic grottos.

Stereolab08_CavernofAnti-Matter occupies a hallowed position (among Hipsters of a Certain Age) for brilliantly combining Krautrock experimentalism, lounge-pop and, well, Marxist theory. Founder Tim Gane’s new trio aims squarely at Krautrock on the mostly instrumental, Berlin-recorded Void Beats/Invocation Trex, invoking the hypnotic side of classic ‘lab with driving guitars and restless synths. –Party Ben

Promising band meets tragic end in fatal car crash.

09_ViolaBeachBritish up-and-comers Viola Beach’s final single “Boys That Sing” is a beautiful conclusion to their short-lived career. This melodic pop drenched indie track is so upbeat and catchy it will not only put you in a great mood but will take residence in your head for days (RIP). –Crystal Lowe

Minimalist future-soul yields maximum vibes on Jack Garratt’s debut.

10_JackGarretWith Phase, Jack Garratt’s catchy, sophisticated laptop beats are the perfect match for the British singer-producer’s smooth falsetto. Fans of James BlakeChet Faker and the like will enjoy this fresh take on blue-eyed electro-soul. This is how you make a debut album. –Jordan Davidoff


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    March 05, 2016 at 12:05am
    I'm a big fan of Gwen Stefani, I was attracted by her style few years ago

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