Quavo, Offset and Takeoff take the crown for Atlanta on Yung Rich Nation.


Shining like a neck full of gold chains, Migos’ new album bounces between club hits and cookhouse anthems. With production from some of the hottest heavyweight beat-makers in the game, YRN shows off the family skills over hits from DJ Mustard, Zaytoven, Metro Boomin and Murda Beatz. –J Boogie




Behold San Francisco’s best-kept indie rock secret.


You probably won’t see Verst gracing the stages of those popular SF tastemaker festivals, but you should. Starship Crash is a noise-pop masterwork that infuses ‘90s sonic wizardry with innovative melodies, both barbed and sublime. Guitar effects whisperer John Dickey croons like Stephen Malkmus channeling Neil Young. There’s not one mediocre song here. –Eric Shea


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New Order unveils their first studio recording in a decade.


Fans of the UK synth-rockers will be pleased to hear the new single “Restless” off upcoming album, Music Complete, features the band’s regular lineup (sans Peter Hook). Opening with twinkling synths and settling into verses driven by a thumping bass line, it fits right in with their immortal ‘80s hits. –Michelle Solomon


Emily King is back with The Switch.


In her first album since departing from J Records, Emily King returns with a full collection of self-released acoustic R&B. This also comes after tiding us over with her 2011 EP Seven. Pop The Switch into your car stereo and take a long drive as you let her gentle vocals soothe your soul. –Kike Aluko



Mátale dice la malosa.


Produced by Spanish producer of the moment, Steve Lean, “Mátale” sounds like it was recorded on an Iberian trap spaceship. The iconic sing-rap steelo of Mala Rodríguez translates as warm, rich and textured next to a one-note auto-tune heavy verse delivered by D. Gómez. Both muse on love and loss, but La Mala wins the exchange. –Marcos Juarez


LA electro-punks return.


In 2007, HEALTH’s debut album was shocking as it fused punk clamor, industrial electronics and monumental noise. Since then pop music has almost caught up. And DEATH MAGIC, while still edgy, sounds almost radio-friendly at times. “LA LOOKS” features a driving beat and the catchy chorus of “It’s not love,” while “LIFE” evokes Yeah Yeah Yeahs. –Party Ben


The Queen of Mean Goes Back to the Drawing Board.


Lisa Lampanelli, roast joker extraordinaire, is back with her sixth comedy album. She may have shed some pounds recently, but comedy’s biggest equal opportunity offender is still swinging at her old weight, taking aim at all of society’s sacred cows and lambasting her audience while she’s at it. –Kelly Anneken




  1. Leslie Stockton
    August 11, 2015 at 5:13pm
    Pandora rules :)
  2. Aubrey Wilson
    November 04, 2015 at 7:48pm
    I love pandora it has really good music

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