Our lives deserve a soundtrack that’s unique to us, whether we’re channeling a specific song, playing a favorite album on repeat, or crafting a playlist that perfectly captures our mood or mindset.

We know our Pandora Premium listeners are passionate about music and enjoy the ability to stream their favorite songs, artists, and playlists on-demand — whenever, wherever. We also understand the joy that comes from connecting with friends and family through music. They share their favorites via iMessage, Facebook, and more. Beginning today, Premium listeners can start sharing their favorite tunes, albums, stations and playlists via Snapchat. And any Snapchatter in the U.S. who receives that music card will have direct access to Pandora’s entire music library.

Want to send the newest Ariana Grande album that dropped? Simply open Pandora and share through Snapchat via a unique album card. Does your Back to School BBQ playlist have the perfect songs to send off summer? Share it with a friend who might need something great to play on their upcoming road trip. If the Snapchatter who receives your playlist card doesn’t have a Pandora Premium account, no problem. They can access a session of free, unlimited and uninterrupted music after viewing an ad.

To start sharing, follow these easy instructions:

  • When you’re listening to a song, playlist or album on the Pandora app, tap “Share” on the “Now Playing” screen.
  • Select “Snapchat”– each song, album or playlist will have a unique card that celebrates the music’s artwork.
  • Add the card to your Story, share directly with a friend, or Snap to a group of friends.
  • Friends who view your Snap can swipe up and listen to the music on-demand on Pandora thanks to Pandora’s Premium Access feature.

Music is meant to be enjoyed with others and now with Pandora Premium, listeners get the benefit of personalized, on-demand listening — along with the ability to share their favorites through Snapchat. The best part? Users don’t have to connect their Snapchat and Pandora apps. As always, we have more exciting updates coming soon, including animated music cards Snapchatters can share when sending their personalized music recommendations.

This new experience is available to all Pandora Premium users on iOS and Android devices today. And don’t forget, if you’re a Pandora ad-supported or Plus user, you can also share on Snapchat. Just open Pandora your iOS or Android device!  

–Laura Eng, Product Manager, Pandora