Last January, we announced that Pandora Radio data would officially be included in the Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart as well as various streaming-inclusive song charts. The effects of these changes were immediately clear, reflecting the massive consumption happening on Pandora that previously had been left out and proving that America’s spins do, indeed count.


But now it’s not just your Pandora radio spins that count. Beginning on the charts dated July 14, data from all three Pandora tiers — Pandora Radio, Pandora Plus, and Pandora Premium — will be included in Billboard’s charts. This change brings the spins of nearly 6 million Pandora subscribers into the chart who weren’t being counted before.


So, what kind of effect will this have on the charts, and the industry? With all data from Pandora included, Billboard readers and charts fans will get a more accurate reflection of what America’s actually listening to. Compared to terrestrial radio’s online platform, Pandora has three times the monthly active users. And unlike terrestrial radio, Pandora has been ahead of the curve on a number of acts before they saw mainstream success — from pop singer Dua Lipa to soul artist Khalid to country crooner Luke Combs.


“The Billboard charts are our industry’s bible,” says Jeff Zuchowski, Pandora’s VP of Artist Marketing and Industry Relations. “The fact that all three tiers of Pandora streams are now included is a major milestone not only for us and our 72 million  monthly active listeners, but also recognizes, in a very powerful way, the millions of fans who listen to their favorite artists via the Pandora platform.”

The message is clear: The songs and artists you spin on Pandora matter now more than ever.