Our new TV app is here: Pandora listeners with Android TV can now experience music in the home like never before! Control your living room experience with access to on-demand listening with Pandora Premium for intuitive, personalized and seamless listening – whether you’re setting the mood for a party, cooking in the kitchen, or (finally) doing all of those household chores.

So, what’s new?

  • Search and play songs, albums, or playlists for any occasion.
  • Enable Autoplay so the music never ends. Pandora keeps it going with songs similar to what you were just jamming to.
  • Listen to your greatest hits on your personalized My Thumbs Up playlist that features all of the songs you’ve given a thumbs up across your stations.

Download the Android TV app on desktop, and sign up for a free trial of Pandora Premium at https://www.pandora.com/upgrade/premium. Want to learn more about Android TV? Check it out here.

In addition to our Android TV integration, Pandora is available on over 2,000 connected devices spanning TVs, game consoles, streaming players and more. Check out all of the awesome ways you can listen to Pandora by visiting Pandora.com/everywhere.


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