Today, we’re introducing Pandora Modes, a new feature allowing both free and premium users across all tiers of service to customize their listening experience on their favorite Pandora stations for how they want to listen now. Pandora Modes will initially be available to a limited number of users as we ramp up to full availability for our millions of listeners over the coming weeks.

This latest innovation for our listeners offers a set of selectable “modes” that give you more control over the kinds of songs that are played on your Pandora stations. Think of it as “leaning in” just a bit from the “lean back” Pandora station listening experience you know and love.

Pandora’s classic radio experience will remain the default way that songs are played on stations, but refining that experience to your preference at any given moment is now just a click away with selectable modes within your stations like “Crowd Faves” (hear songs within your station that are most thumbed-up by other listeners), “Discovery” (hear more songs by artists who don’t usually play on this station) or “Artist Only” (hear songs only by the station artist).


Pandora has grown and broadened its services with the launch of Pandora Plus and Pandora Premium for on-demand listening – as well as playlists and podcasts – however, Pandora’s foundational radio-style experience remains the most popular way to listen among our nearly 70 million users.

That experience has always been “lean back” for listeners except for thumbing or skipping songs, and users who have wanted more control over what they hear on their stations haven’t been able to do so. That is, until now.

With Pandora Modes, listeners can switch from Pandora’s original algorithm (now called “My Station” mode) to one of five other preset modes that determine the types of songs that are played on their stations.

Pandora Modes is our newest innovation leveraging Music Genome Project technology and data from over 90 billion user-generated “thumbs” to connect listeners with Pandora’s huge and diverse music catalog in new and engaging ways. The more that users thumb up or thumb down songs that they listen to on Pandora Modes within their stations, the more personalized modes become.

The Pandora Modes launching today are:

  1. My Station: The classic Pandora station experience you know and love.
  2. Crowd Faves: You’ll hear the most thumbed-up songs by other listeners within that station.
  3. Deep Cuts: You’ll go deeper into the catalog of that station artist/genre.
  4. Discovery: You’ll hear more artists who don’t usually play on that station.
  5. Newly Released: You’ll hear the newest releases from that station artist/genre.
  6. Artist Only: You’ll hear only songs by that station artist.

Pandora Modes are now available on most Pandora stations (the stations you create by selecting a particular artist, song or genre). To get started, go to one of your favorite stations or create a new one, select “Now Playing,” and the Pandora Modes available for that particular station will be visible beneath the station name.

You’ll start out in the original “My Station” mode, but once you select a new mode you’ll jump right into a new track and stay in that mode until you either select another mode or your listening sessions ends. Pandora Modes are currently available on the web, and will be available on Pandora’s mobile app in the coming months.

Check out Pandora Modes today to customize your new “lean in” Pandora station experience for the moment you’re in now.