It’s a great time to be a female comedian. With the rise of new media, women can steer their own career paths in innovative ways. The inventive, commanding, and very funny Jacqueline Novak is a shining example of this trend.

1029_Women_Leadership_JacquelineA former poet, Novak’s lyrical tendencies weave throughout Quality Notions. Her voice is a brassy, lilting, cocktail that’s equal parts Judy Tenuta, Amy Sedaris, and Megan Mullally, served with a twist of old-timey 1930s Gal Friday. She’s meta without disrupting her conversational delivery, flirting with established gender tropes before plunging into an alternate take so original that the audience forgets gender was ever a factor to begin with. Despite her disarming use of grammatical no-nos (ain’t is a favorite word), Novak’s fierce intellect demands to be reckoned with, whether explaining how to eat a single slice of pizza or expressing love “the hound’s way.”

Novak has self-released an album called Quality Notions which debuted at # 4 on iTunes and was named one of Splitsider’s “7 Best DIY-ish Comedy Albums of 2014.” The New York-based comic also snagged a book deal with for How to Weep In Public: Feeble Offerings from One Depressive to Another, slated for release in December 2015. Novak has put herself out there and she already knows her notions are quality—now it’s time for the rest of the world to catch up.


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