We hear different versions of the same demand all day: “be a team player,” “go with the flow” or insert your favorite cliché about fitting in. But what do you do when you’ve run out of (bleeps) to give, and you just want to be you? On our New Pop station, we’ve got some of the best anthems for letting go of all those pesky inhibitions. Without further ado, I give you “New Pop For When You Need to Break Free.”

1. Demi Lovato – “Body Say”
inside-demi-lovato-body-say-single-artDemi’s sexy new single unfolds the classic dance floor daydream of hooking up with a stranger on the other side of the room: “If my body told the truth, baby I would do just what I want to.” What’s more spontaneous than that kind of breaking free?

2. Astrid S – “Hurts So Good”
f0dbf6fcde0448e3329cbee306895b37.960x960x1Astrid S’s music accomplishes the rare feat of providing catchy pop melodies that also contain meaningful, thought-provoking lyrics about breaking free from restraint and giving in to temptation (against your better judgment). The Norwegian songstress finds such middle ground on “Hurts So Good,” a fresh take on a familiar trope.

3. Anne-Marie – “Alarm”
Anne-Marie-Alarm-2016-2480x2480Anne-Marie’s “Alarm” goes off in the very moment when you know it’s time to break free from a bad relationship: “Same way they come, that’s the way they go.” If every one of us could turn that all-too-familiar moment of clarity into a dance floor smash, we’d all be pop stars!

4. Alyson Stoner – “Back to Church”
bctYou might remember Stoner as the pop-and-lock dance phenom from Missy Elliott’s music videos. Now 22, she’s transformed into a pop force in her own right. There’s no looking back when she lets caution go to the wind, singing, “I threw away the key, now you can never leave.” Don’t worry, Alyson – we’re not going anywhere!

5. Oh Wonder – “Lose It”
Oh-Wonder-Lose-It-2016This London-based duo’s mellow vibes differ from the dance-infused rhythms that fill the rest of this list, but Oh Wonder’s warm, inviting sound is the perfect recipe for breaking free from the chains of stress after a long day.

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