Check out Keith Urban’s new album “Graffiti U” right now on Pandora! Whether you’re tuning into Pandora via ad-supported, Plus or Premium, you can check out the album directly by clicking the image below.

To promote his new album, Graffiti U, Pandora brought this album to life with our video series “Literally, Literally.” Giving renowned graffiti artist Troy Duff the Graffiti U album as inspiration for a new piece, the video shows him craft a colorful creation of the word “Electric,” the word that stood out to Duff upon listening.


Fun facts:

  • He has over 2.5 billion spins on Pandora to date.
  • Keith was actually born in New Zealand.
  • He was a judge on American Idol.
  • He has his own signature line of guitars and accessories.
  • He used to play guitar for the Dixie Chicks and originally recorded the single “Some Days You Gotta Dance, previously recorded by his band The Ranch in 1997.