We’ve got Calum Scott’s new album “Only Human.” Whether you’re tuning into Pandora via ad-supported, Plus or Premium, you can check out the album directly by clicking the image below.

Fun facts:

  • British singer-songwriter Calum Scott used to be in a Maroon 5 tribute band called Maroon 4 (they were missing a member).
  • He once dislocated his shoulder in a bouncy house.
  • He was a theater kid and starred as Peter Pan in the school play.
  • He has 1.8 million spins across all Pandora stations this week.
  • 1,945 Calum Scott Pandora Station Creates this week.
  • 59 million total Pandora spins to date.
  • His latest single can be heard on our New Singer-Songwriters station.


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