That song was awesome, I wish I could hear it again…
Not really feeling this song, but I’m out of skips…
I lost my signal! Now I can’t listen to my music!

No longer will you have to say these words while listening to Pandora! Yesterday we revealed Pandora Plus, a one-of-a-kind music experience for just $4.99 per month. Pandora Plus gives you the flexibility to listen to your music with more control. Skip as much as you want. Replay songs you love. And listen to your favorite stations offline. All ad-free.

So, how’s this all work?

  • Replays: Hit the replay button to start your favorite jam from the beginning or experience that newly discovered song again. It could be the last song you heard, or you can go back in your listening session and replay a track.


  • Skips: Just press skip to get to your next favorite track. Skip as much as you want!
  • Offline: When you hit that signal dead zone the music won’t skip a beat. We’ll have already queued up your top three stations (plus your Thumbprint Radio if you’ve added it), and your listening experience will effortlessly go into offline mode. No need to even pull your phone out. It just works.


That’s not all. For those of you who want to stick with the free, ad-supported Pandora, you’ll be getting some new features as well. Whenever you run out of skips or want to replay a track, just watch a video ad to get those extra features for added control over your experience.

All these features and Pandora Plus will roll out to listeners in the coming months on iOS and Android smartphones.

Tune in, play it again, and take it with you, Pandora just got even better!


  1. Steve
    October 20, 2016 at 7:30am
    Is there going to be a web-based version? While I use pandora on my android at home, at work I use Pandora One from web, and would love the new feature of replay.
  2. Helen
    October 20, 2016 at 8:50am
    As I was intrigued by the offline option, I'm kinda bummed that it isn't automatically turning on. It seems pretty much the same as my old Pandora.
  3. Regina Philange
    October 21, 2016 at 9:39am
    i was just wondering if you were going to make this update available for the website instead of just the app?
  4. Ronnie Boone
    October 22, 2016 at 4:39am
    I have upgraded my account to Pandora Plus and paid the bill. Can not get any new function to work! I downloaded Pandora Desktop and all installed, but PLUS does not work? using iMac latest version Chrome
    1. PandoraSupport
      October 25, 2016 at 8:40am
      Hey Ronnie - the new features are only available on mobile devices at this time. Please email our support team for further help. We can also help you manage your subscription:
  5. Shelby
    October 26, 2016 at 7:03am
    I have yet to see the replay button!!!
    1. PandoraSupport
      October 26, 2016 at 8:37am
      Replay features are only available on our mobile apps for iPhone and Android. If you don't see the ability and are using one of these devices, please email us:
  6. Tim Garrison
    October 26, 2016 at 8:16am
    I will gladly upgrade if Pandora will do the one thing that I actually care about: * Let me decide how often tracks are repeated. I listen all day and get very tired of the same 40 tracks over and over. I don't want to Skip songs, I just want fresh tracks all the time. Can Pandora do this? Whichever streaming company offers this first will get my money. Thanks! Tim G.
  7. Austin A
    October 27, 2016 at 8:42am
    I am constantly getting limited on my skips still! Replay and Offline work but not unlimited skips, what's wrong?
  8. Mylesha
    October 29, 2016 at 6:28am
    I prefer to work out with my pandora. Thank you for helping me get in the best shape of my life. After being on a 7 day cruise and limited availability from my pandora (even after spending $119 to the cruise line for unlimited wifi) this sounds like the perfect option for me!
  9. Raysa
    November 02, 2016 at 4:52pm
    Yea so I can replay a track on my phone but not the website which I use during work. And.. let's face it, who wouldn't want to replay Side to Side by Ariana Grande?!?!?

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