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Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 12.37.28 PMPomo is the next generation of futuristic synth soul, joining the HW&W Recordings team of beatmakers: Kaytranada, Ta-Ku and Stwo. As a Canadian multi-instrumentalist and producer living in Montreal, Pomo is the one to watch for cutting edge, freaky, feel good beats. His influence as a live musician on electronic production blends the two worlds perfectly. Songs like “Cloud Cruise” sound like an outer space disco ride and “How I Feel” will put you in funk-mode on the dance floor.

Moonsville Collective

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 12.40.03 PMMoonsville Collective is an Americana string band from Orange County. They describe their music as “California Goodtime.” Influenced by folk legends like Levon Helm (The Band), Bob Dylan and Old Crow Medicine Show, the sextet is made of multi-instrumentalists including dobro, mandolin, fiddle and kazoo, (just to name a few). Since releasing their first album Cradle To The Grave in 2013, they have picked up numerous regional music awards and have played alongside artists like Wanda Jackson, Willie Watson (Old Crow Medicine Show), Donavon Frankenreiter and The White Buffalo.


Babymetal, what hath thou wrought? Well it seems those impossibly cute, J-Pop-meets-metal phenoms have in fact wrought at least one imitator, in the form of Korean female pop combo Pritz. They’ve altered their usual sugary, string-laden balladry into something much heavier on their new single “Sora.Sora.” Before you cry, “Babymetal Ripoff!” – Pritz are definitely trying to make the sound their own – at least a little bit. Pritz’s metal is not nearly as heavy as Babymetal’s, but then the vocals aren’t so schoolgirl cutesy either. Pritz kick out wild headbanging K-pop, sounding like they could be Babymetal’s tougher, older sisters. The sound is a sort of epic power metal with soaring, swirling synths, pounding drums, chugging riffs, wild shredding leads and of course cute K-Pop vocals! And if that weren’t enough, their back-up band seems to be made up of giant anthropomorphized stuffed animals (that occasionally become skulls or mummies) and their first video is now viral!

The Vivants

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 12.41.59 PMMore and more people are realizing that much of today’s corporate country music falls into one of two categories: gussied-up, bro-twang, truck jingles or boy-crazy, shopping-mall pop with a banjo mixed in. Subsequently, a revivalist revolution is upon us where a lot of the genre is experiencing a return to form. The Vivants are a San Francisco quartet specializing in nurturing the roots of that old time country and western. Though their music is steeped deep in the traditional tones of western swing, they also play music that’s largely informed by rowdy old honky-tonk as well as those high-lonesome harmonies that made Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris’ vocal chemistry so heart-achingly palpable.

New Music

Skrillex – Ease My Mind/Ragga Bomb Remixes

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 12.46.16 PMSkrillex vs. Zomboy? Our Dubstep listeners are drooling. Throw in GTA and the Teddy Killerz, and anyone who loves bass music is drooling too (as they should be). Skrillex’s new EP has a brutal sound, pairing exquisite audio quality with hard-hitting beats. The “Ragga Bomb” remixes are both nasty, synth-driven affairs that are perfect for pregame or working out. Meanwhile “Ease My Mind” finds Niki & The Dove‘s vocals twisted into a Trap nirvana.

Franco & Le TPOK Jazz – Live Volume 1

Soukous is an African musical style originating in the importation of Afro-Cuban music, itself still firmly rooted in its African traditions. This legendary guitarist’s sweet sparkling tone inspired countless musicians in his native Congo, all over Africa and beyond. This includes Orchestra Baobab, Rail Band with Salif Keita and Tabu Ley Rochereau. His work with Le TPOK Jazz (“the All Powerful Ok Jazz”) is amongst his best. Beautiful vocal harmonies, elegant rhythms and that crystalline guitar sound are certain to soothe your soul.

Forrest Shaw – Mister Grizzly

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 12.48.00 PMJust before his recent debut on TBS’s Conan, marine biologist-turned-comedian Forrest Shaw released his first album, Mister Grizzly, recorded with Comedy Records in Shaw’s hometown of Miami. Shaw’s wry, low-key delivery of winking, hyper-intelligent punchlines will sneak up on you as he offers his take on 18th century medicine, how to handle getting pulled over while in possession of drugs, internet stalking his deadbeat dad, equipping snakes to be service animals and how to cry like a man.

Genre Station

Classic Rock LIVE

This one takes you back to the days when live recordings captured the true essence and musicianship of iconic rock bands. We’ll play some of the best live performances from artists like Tom Petty, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and Aerosmith.

Oldies Curator

I dig all things ‘60s: garage punk, obscure psych, Stax and Motown soul stompers. My first CD purchases were REM’s Out of Time and Boyz II Men’s Cooleyhighharmony. I still own both! I’m pretty much immersed in music – hitting up local record shops, catching live shows at crusty dives, and DJing around town at various venues and bars.


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