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Sweater Beats

Sweater Beats is a Brooklyn-based producer who makes music for the bedroom. Combining sampled R&B vocals with Trap and boogie beats, he creates futuristic slow jams for the next generation. Seducing his studio to create remixes and originals both on Kastle’s label Symbols and Bondax’ label Just Us; listen for the forthcoming release Cloud City on HW&W.

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 9.28.11 AMOtis Brown III

Otis Brown III is best known in jazz circles as one of the two drummers with Joe Lovano’s Us Five – and for backing up its original bassist Esperanza Spalding in her solo career. Brown has also just released his debut album The Very Thought Of You via Blue Note Records. He is joined by an impressive roll call of artists like pianist Robert Glasper, saxophonist John Ellis and singers Bilal, Gretchen Parlato and Nikki Ross on tracks like “You’re Still The One,” a gospel reinvention of the Shania Twain hit single.

Darkness Divided

Darkness Divided are a San Antonio Christian metalcore family band that have been recording since 2010. They’ve three EP’s and most recently, their first full-length on Victory Records, Written In Blood. Praised for their high-energy live shows, they have shared the stage with bands such as Haste The Day, Underoath and For Today.

Moot Davis

For a while now, the country music realm has dubbed Dwight Yoakam as the last man holding the torch for the Bakersfield sound. But this all might change once those folks get a load of Moot Davis. Sure he’s from Trenton, New Jersey – but just listen to the man’s music and it sounds like Davis is channeling the best of Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, Don Rich and a heaping helping of early Yoakam. But Davis’ take on California twang is also slightly informed by Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards. While most of his songs implement the traditional bends of the B string on a Fender Telecaster, Davis was also inspired by Richards’ knack for taking the low E string off and tuning the guitar to an open G – so don’t be surprised to be rocked by some California rooted honky tonk (by way of New Jersey).

New Music

Flying LotusYou’re Dead!

Flying Lotus guides you through the moments of death with an auditory map of the afterlife. From jazz to hip-hop, avant-garde to electronic – this Brainfeeder artist embarks on an abstract journey collaborating with Herbie Hancock, Thundercat, Kendrick Lamar and Snoop Dogg. Floating between moments of mind numbing rhythms and spiritual vibrations, the path is paved by this unique producer who guest appears as secret vocalist Captain Murphy on “The Boys Who Died In Their Sleep.”

Alex & SierraIt’s About Us

Fans of The X Factor season three winners Alex & Sierra have enjoyed a taste of It’s About Us with tracks like “Little Do You Know” and “Scarecrow.” The latter was debuted on NBC’s Today Show, boasting a video that surpassed over a million YouTube views. For their major label debut, the pop duo has collaborated with esteemed songwriters and producers, including John Legend and Sam Hollander (Neon Trees, Gym Class Heroes).

Childish GambinoKauai 

Childish Gambino continues to show off his abilities as a producer, vocalist, comedian, actor and rapper with his fourth official release. Kauai is the soulful companion to the STN MTN mixtape, taking you to paradise with a softer music palette of falsetto, Rhodes, synths and percussion. Donald Glover brings much heavier vibes for his dedications to the ladies like “Sober,” “Poke” and “Late Night in Kauai.” Enjoy guest appearances from Jaden Smith and a secret track hidden in an instrumental.

Genre Station


The world’s largest fair comes your ears with the music that the Munich Oktoberfest made famous. You’ll hear a beer-inspired mix of ooom-pah and Polka music with German flavored songs such as “In Mainz, On The Beautiful Rhine,” “99 Luftballoons,” “Der Kommisar” and “Komm, Gib Mir Meine Hand.”

Oldies Curator

I dig all things ‘60s: garage punk, obscure psych, Stax and Motown soul stompers. My first CD purchases were REM’s Out of Time and Boyz II Men’s Cooleyhighharmony. I still own both! I’m pretty much immersed in music – hitting up local record shops, catching live shows at crusty dives, and DJing around town at various venues and bars.


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