Pandora listeners just got their first taste of amazing programming from SiriusXM with new podcasts from top talk hosts including Andy Cohen, Ricky Gervais, Kevin Hart, Hoda Kotb, Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, and many more.

Now, Pandora listeners can also hear from the steady parade of music stars who pass through SiriusXM’s NYC studios every day about their favorite songs – and listen to those songs – with Pandora Stories.

Pandora Stories combine the storytelling possibilities of podcasts with the emotional power of music playlists. Podcasts can tell stories about music, but generally don’t include full songs. And playlists have songs but lack personal context from the artists behind them. Pandora Stories have filled that void with music-enhanced stories from Vampire Weekend, The Lumineers, Def Leppard, John Legend, Rob Thomas, 2 Chainz, Lauren Alaina, Daddy Yankee, Perry Farrell, and many others.

You can now add to that list 15 new Pandora Stories from SiriusXM guests featuring some of music’s biggest names like Adele, Lady Gaga, Blake Shelton, P!nk, Twenty One Pilots, Queen, Fall Out Boy, Stevie Nicks, J. Cole, Mariah Carey, Darius Rucker, Mumford and Sons, Phil Collins, and more, available to all Pandora listeners starting today. See the full list below.

Pandora Premium subscribers can listen to Pandora Stories ad-free, and Pandora ad-supported and Plus listeners can do so via Premium Access after a 30-second ad.

In this new crop of song-fueled Stories, you can hear stars candidly discuss the tracks and artists that have shaped and influenced them, as well as their own songs, including:

Adele on “Right as Rain”:

“It’s just about being really, really miserable and all your friends and family trying to talk you out of it… but sometimes it’s quite nice to be miserable.”

Queen on fighting their record label to release “Bohemian Rhapsody” as a single:

“It just seemed to have something that leapt out at people, and we were convinced it should be the singe…We stuck to our guns and out it came, and it took us to another level.”

Stevie Nicks on HAIM:

“I think this band is just brilliant…They play so beautifully and have so much talent. I see them being a huge force in rock and roll.”  

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