Remember back in grade school when we all dreaded going back to school? There was all that back to school shopping, and then there was the very first day back in class when our shoes and backpacks were so new you could smell them a mile away.

schoolThankfully, we’re older now and we can do our own shopping. Or we can just put on the same stuff that we wore last year. But who wants to listen to nothing but last year’s hits? It’s way too soon to get nostalgic for 2012.

That said, we’ve put together some sweet Back to School stations that are ripe with fresh new jams, like our Back to School Hits 2013 station. But don’t worry – there are also some well-worn tunes that fit just as comfortably as last year’s jeans.

Because you work as hard as you play, we’ve got you covered more than ever this year.  Check out our Classical for Studying station. It’s been proven that listening to classical music while studying is good brain-food when it’s time to crack those books.*

Of course when Friday rolls around, you’re going to want to crank up our Rap and Hip Hop Pre-Game station to get you pumped and primed for a weekend of games and parties.

And once you’re in the zone, dig into some of our other Party Stations, like Club Dance Party, Indie Dance Party or Reggaetón Party. With Pandora in the house, you’ll never have to fight for your right to party.

So as you head into this new school year, just remember: Pandora’s got your back (and your ears).


Rock & Americana Curator

I’m a little bit country and I’m a little bit rock ’n’ roll. My first concert was Howard Jones at the Henry J. Kaiser convention center in Oakland. I sing for Hot Lunch and Sweet Chariot. I also enjoy skating pools and riding old choppers.


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