With so many of us still spending more time indoors, it’s not surprising that more and more people are enjoying Pandora via connected home devices like voice-activated speakers, smart TVs, and gaming consoles. Pandora listening on these devices has surged since the beginning of March.

Fortunately, there are more Pandora-enabled smart home products from leading companies to choose from than ever before: Amazon’s Alexa-enabled Echo devices, Google Nest speakers, Roku devices, Sonos sound systems, VIZIO SmartCast® TVs, and thousands of other connected devices. 

Our latest brand campaign, “Discover Your Great Indoors,” was inspired by how our listeners have been able to transform every room in their home during this time through the power of music.

With Pandora, your living room can transform into a yoga studio with a soothing Nature station, the kids’ room can become the maddest tea party since Wonderland with Pandora’s Radio for Kids, and the kitchen is now the most exotic tiki bar this side of Kona thanks to a soundtrack of Hawaiian Reggae.

Our users are not only using connected devices to find creative ways to bring the outdoors inside, they’re also listening longer throughout the day and exploring all kinds of new content. And what they’re listening to reflects the at-home world we’re currently living in:

  • Listeners who can’t hit the gym are finding motivation in fast-moving, upbeat exercise at home: Pandora’s Pop and Hip-Hop Power Workout and Pop Fitness stations are among the top-streamed fitness stations during the week.
  • Families are coming together to find solace and entertainment through music, with co-listening transforming streaming into a social event: Weekend listening has been much higher on connected devices between 12 p.m. and 7 p.m. since people have been staying home, with many listeners spending their afternoons and evenings streaming family-friendly content like Radio for Kids and Happiest Tunes on Earth.
  • Listeners are seeking at-home escapism through gaming: Video game usage is also on the rise, and we’ve seen a month-over-month spike in listeners turning to Pandora-enabled gaming consoles with popular stations for gamers like Hot Drop and Open World.
  • Music fans are gravitating heavily toward Country music: According to Pandora’s Mood Score analysis of the overarching mood and sentiment prevalent in music genres, the spike in Country listening on stations like Today’s Country and Chill Country indicates that we’re seeking mellow, happy, sentimental, and good-natured music.
  • …and are missing live music experiences: Pandora’s Top Live Songs destination continues to rise as a stand-in for everyone who is missing live music, proving your living room really is the new Coachella. 

Thankfully, there’s a world of content on Pandora to delight listeners of all tastes for any moment – personalized stations, on-demand music, customized playlists, top podcasts, exclusive Pandora Stories, and so much more – whether you’re discovering the great indoors or, someday soon (we hope!), back out and about with the wind in your hair, the sun on your face, and the perfect song on your headphones.

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