I spent my twenties in rock bands, much of that playing live shows across the western United States. We drove thousands of miles, never knowing how many people would show up to see us play.  We played to empty rooms more times than I care to remember. We tried everything, from physical mailers to our fan list, to stapling flyers on telephone poles and standing on street corners handing out leaflets to pull people in. The marketing never really worked, and it wore us out.

Ironically, the main reason fans don’t go see more live music is because they aren’t aware of the shows.  Pandora is now about to solve this, for everyone.

Feed Notifcation - TF - Buy Tickets

Starting today, fans will get personalized concert notifications whenever their favorite artists are playing at a local Ticketfly venue. This effortless discovery of local shows, presented to listeners as they enjoy that very artist’s music will fundamentally change the way live music is promoted. Imagine artists knowing exactly where their fans are, booking venues accordingly, and then sending them geographically targeted audio messages announcing the shows, with a one-click ticket purchase option….all from their mobile phone.

The combination of scale and the precise knowledge of each individual listeners tastes is unprecedented.  For the tens of thousands of working bands on Pandora this represents a level of promotion that would never be possible in the old broadcast world. And equally for listeners, this means a steady supply of great new shows that they would never otherwise hear about.

We’re creating a true marketplace. Listeners and artists engaging directly on the platform and jointly creating enormous value for the industry.  And, this is just the beginning.



  1. Noreen
    August 10, 2016 at 9:49am
    Seriously WOW!?! Taking it to a new level Pandora..Excellent! Thanks!!

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