Besides being talented, successful and red hot, what do Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Jason Aldean have in common?  And what does newcomer Rob $tone have in common with those three superstars? They’re among the many talented artists who scored higher chart numbers on the iconic Billboard Hot 100 chart because of their Pandora audience. Good news for listeners and artists alike, as of this week, Pandora’s influential streaming data will be included in the Billboard Hot 100, the world’s preeminent songs chart. The Hot 100 ranks the week’s most popular songs across all genres, determined by a formula blending track sales, radio airplay and streaming, as measured by Nielsen Music.  In addition, Pandora will also impact various streaming-based charts, and Hot 100 formula-based genre rankings such as Hot Country Songs, Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs, Hot Latin Songs, Hot Rock Songs and Hot Dance/Electronic Songs, among others. Over 70% of the first week’s charts are affected by Pandora’s data.

Pandora data positively impacts nearly 40 titles on the Billboard Hot 100, including nine songs that improve in rank by five or more places when compared to the chart absent of Pandora data. Among the titles showing such marked improvement thanks to Pandora plays are Rihanna’s “Sex with Me,” Jason Aldean’s “Any Ol’ Barstool,” and “Chill Bill” by Rob $tone featuring J.Davi$ and Spooks. The large percentage of songs on the charts affected by Pandora data shows how important it is for artists to engage with their fans on Pandora via Artist Marketing Platform (AMP). Also, while we’re talking charts, let’s not forget the  Next Big Sound Charts for an even more in-depth look into trendsetters and artists predicted to be on the verge!

We’ve always known that our close to 80 million listeners were an amazing group, but now more than ever, they are making a difference to the careers of their favorite artists, and the artists are taking note. Once again proving that on Pandora, every spin counts.


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