The brand new festival, Panorama, is kicking off its three day music, art and technology extravaganza in New York City on July 22 – 24. To celebrate the inaugural debut, we checked out their first ever lineup for up-and-coming performers that we predict will blow up this year. The eight artists range in style from indie, alternative, electronic, pop, rock, folk and beyond. They were selected based on a combination of Pandora and Next Big Sound data—trajectory of station adds, spins and thumbs, viral activity across social platforms, and insights from our expert musicologists.


Can’t make it to the festival? We got you covered. Check out the some of the artists’ upcoming shows at Ticketfly venues.


The indie rock trio combine elements of post-punk with blues, gospel, and even early industrial music, and actively engage in cultural critique by commenting on traditions in political, social, and religious realms in their music.


CavemanIf you consider yourself an emo fan, but can’t tolerate the overwrought posturing that comes along with that genre, you’ll enjoy Caveman. The Brooklyn quintet lives in the grey area of the Venn diagram between Bruce Springsteen, The War on Drugs, The Weakerthans, and The Killers. That said, their music is much more fun than that description would lead you to believe. Their new album, Otero War, is a record that should be listened to from front to back. And if afterwards, you’re not inspired to accomplish big things, then you’ve missed the point.


CassyEngland-born and Austria-raised Cassy has been a DJ fixture on the European underground club scene for years, with sporadic single releases showing an affinity for minimal yet warm constructions. Her debut full length, Donna (co-produced by Philly mainstay King Britt),  is eclectic and revelatory, her vocals languid and whispered on the neo-soul “Strange Relationship,” and the tech flex proper on “Route to Thonon.”

Ex Hex

Ex HexMary Timony is indie rock royalty. She’s been the charismatic frontwoman for beloved indie bands like Autoclave, Helium, and most recently, Wild Flag. Her deadpan delivery combined with her band’s urgency leads to the best post-punk record released this decade– Rips. Ex Hex sounds like a Jonathan Richman band fronted by Riot Grrrls, and it’s absolutely perfect.

Little Scream

Little ScreamDelivering her own brand of ambitious, grand-scale indie pop, Little Scream is the stage name of vocalist, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Laurel Sprengelmeyer. Rechristening herself “Little Scream,” she started writing songs that vacillated between intimate folk and cinematic rock, creating a unique sound all her own. Her latest album, Cult Following, was released in May 2016.

Prinze George

Prinze GeorgeBrooklyn-based trio Prinze George explore hypnotic electronica without boundaries, from the dark disco beats of their debut, Children in the Audience, to the soaring melodies (and even a little dubstep wub) on their 2015 self-titled EP. Their upcoming debut full-length (out 8/5), Illiterate Synth Pop, was recorded with Evan Bakke (Prince, Soul Asylum) and should entertain fans of CHVRCHES, MS MR and Lana Del Rey.

The Julie Ruin

The Julie RuinKathleen Hanna is equal parts provocateur and punk icon. From her work with Bikini Kill, to her early embracing of post-punk electronic music with Le Tigre, when Ms. Hanna has something to say, it is always worth listening to. Given the current political climate, The Julie Ruin is a band that speaks for the marginalized youth of today. From Kathleen Hanna’s solo record in 1997 as “Julie Ruin,” to today’s full band and most recent album, Hit Reset, The Julie Ruin is the place where your party and real activism intersect.  


TouristLondon-based producer William Phillips started working as “Tourist” in 2012, bursting onto the scene with an EP of sublime chillwave, then hitting the charts with surprisingly accessible and soulful deep house in 2014. After his Grammy win as co-writer of Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me,” his trajectory seemed squarely aimed towards pop, but on his 2016 solo debut, U , he confounds those expectations, diving instead towards multi-layered, mostly instrumental soundscapes evocative of Caribou or The Field.


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