pre-OSL 1This weekend will mark the eighth-annual Outside Lands Music Festival, held at the beautiful Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. For those who haven’t attended the festival before, it’s a three-day event showcasing music from a variety of genres.

We’re especially excited about this year because we’ve partnered up with OSL and have created a Ranger Dave-approved festival mixtape with must-hear tracks from artists performing this year and will be on site to meet you all. Be sure to stop by our pod and strike a pose at our photo booth, nab some swag, power up your devices, and discover your next favorite song

Our very own musicologist J Boogie gave us the low-down on his picks of artists you need to see. You can also catch him on Saturday @ 1:30pm at the Heineken House.

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D’Angelo & The Vangaurd is the “can’t miss” artist here. Having conquered life’s up and downs, D’Angelo’s comeback arrived with the energy of James Brown. His live show is always amazing and with The Vangaurd behind him, anything is possible. (Sutro stage @ 7:45pm)

Chet Faker is most famous for his slumped out version of “No Diggity,” but his catalog of melancholy soul has made him a go-to for some chilled-out vibes. Let this Australian crooner sing his way into your heart. (Sutra stage @ 6:25pm)

Wolf + Lamb VS. Soul Clap is the performance that will be sure to have the Heineken House bumping as they share their eclectic “Crew Love.” These DJ / producer duos have a knack for unearthing freaky sounds from New York to Miami, the Playa to Golden Gate Park. Sweat on the dance floor as they go head to head, turntable to turntable. (Heineken House @ 4:30pm)


Kendrick Lamar is Compton’s most wanted, and for good reason. He has managed to fuse quality hip hop with jazz. He’s also merged shoe sponsorships with street gang peace initiatives. And most importantly, he’s a rapper with a live band. It’s hard to pull off, but K.Dot does it well. Don’t miss his headlining set! (Twin Peaks stage @ 8:40pm)

Toro Y Moi is one of my favorite performers. He blends live psychedelic instrumentation with old school synths to create a funky stew of harmonic bliss. Relocating from South  Carolina to Berkeley has made him a bit of a local superstar. Definitely check out his live set on the Twin Peaks stage. (Twin Peaks stage @ 5:15pm)

Moon Boots will take you from Chicago to outer space with his unique blend of nu disco, deep house, R&B and soul. Dance your day away to some classic Chi-town deepness and cheesy ’80s synth vibes in the Heineken House. (Heineken House @ 4:30pm)


SZA starts your day with some soul. She has an amazing voice and an alluring way of bringing you into her world with intimate song writing and an inviting stage presence – definitely a great way to warm up for your last day in the park. (Twin Peaks stage @ 12:40pm)

DJ Mustard is responsible for more than half the hip hop and R&B hits you’ve been twerking to for the past few years. His production style merges the hyphy Bay Area kick clap with EDM baselines and catchy hooks. Turn up at the Twin Peaks stage with “Mustard on the beat…!” (Twin Peaks stage @ 3:30pm)

Odesza has changed the sound of US dance music by pitching vocals as well as incorporating new tempos and beat skills into heavy songs that work in the club (or the park). Enjoy this Seaetle duo as they take you on a trip to a faraway land with their remixes and stage antics. (Twin Peaks stage @ 5:05pm)


  1. Leslie Stockton
    August 05, 2015 at 2:03pm
    gosh i wish .. I WOULD BE THERE in a heartbeat lol hehe .. have a great evening guys .. Kendrick Lamar geez .. lol lucky dogs u .. lol that's a TX expression for cool .. hehe ..
  2. Ericdannyrosa
    August 05, 2015 at 5:35pm
    Nice's music
  3. Marilyn Sepulvado
    August 08, 2015 at 4:32pm
    I would like streaming Pandora
  4. Marilyn Sepulvado
    August 08, 2015 at 4:36pm
    John Legend, George Strait, Aerosmith, rod Stewart, Steven Tyler, Rolling Stones,
    August 09, 2015 at 7:21am
    Do not use for anything else, thank you.

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