Music has the power to connect us to our moments, our memories, and each other. When I hear the song “Brass Monkey” by the Beastie Boys, it immediately brings me back to 6th grade. While driving my daughters to weekend brunch, I know exactly which Logic song will hype up the girls and motivate them for the day ahead. Despite diverse musical taste, there is often a common musical thread that ties a family together. In my family, it is not a mutual love of my personal favorites Pearl Jam or Foster the People, it is Kendrick Lamar and his award-winning album DAMN.

The concept of a shared musical experience is the inspiration behind our new Pandora Premium Family Plan and the “Our Soundtrack” feature. Beginning today, we are launching a plan with all the benefits of our Premium subscription to provide ad-free, on-demand access for up to six family members under one billing account for just $14.99 a month, and as low as $2.50 per person.

If you have ever been curious about which songs define your family’s unique, collective dynamic, we have the answer. Introducing “Our Soundtrack” – a personalized playlist developed specifically for your family. “Our Soundtrack” combines the listening habits of all accounts on the family plan and generates a weekly playlist reflecting the songs each of you uniquely love, as well as your common musical tastes.

My family is having so much fun guessing whose listening has driven the variety of songs in “Our Soundtrack.” This offering builds on our newly launched Personalized Soundtracks feature that utilizes Pandora’s Music Genome Project and advanced machine learning capabilities to deliver expertly curated playlists each week. Each person on the Pandora Premium Family plan will have their own individual account, so you can keep your music separate.

“Our Soundtrack” is an exciting solution to group listening because it delivers an experience everyone can enjoy together. Throw it on during dinner, in the car, at a party, or wherever your next family adventure takes you. You might just be surprised that you’re more alike than you thought.

Learn more about Pandora Premium Family Plan and sign-up for a 60-day free trial by visiting