As a Group Product Lead at Pandora for our Creator Services team, I feel super fortunate to come to work every day and help artists of all sizes get a chance to promote their music and shows with our Artist Marketing Platform (AMP). As an independent artist myself, our mission is near and dear to my heart, and I’m really proud that Pandora has been such an innovator in offering AMP’s powerful, self-serve promotional tools free of charge to all artists spinning on our service. Being an artist is really all about making personal connections, and those connections are what AMP is all about.

Today we’re excited to share that we’ve played Artist Audio Messages to listeners over a billion times.

When listeners hear an artist’s music on Pandora, we take care of the rest and play the message right alongside that artist’s music. Artist Audio Messages not only help artists promote, they speak directly to fans and add personal context that makes the listener experience on Pandora really special. While artists, managers, and labels often use AMP to promote tours and new releases, we’ve also seen some incredibly creative uses that we could hardly have dreamed of when we first opened up the AMP platform. Only on Pandora can you hear an artist’s song and then immediately hear them tell you that they’re going to appear on a late night show this evening, or that they were recently engaged to their high school sweetheart!

The “secret sauce” that makes AMP so powerful is a recipe of equal parts artist creativity and incredible data science that lets us select just the right fans to hear these messages right alongside those artists’ music.

Today we’re also announcing some incredible behind-the-scenes improvements to how we choose which listeners receive Artist Audio Messages, as well as our other key promotional tool, AMP Featured Tracks. Featured Tracks help artists get accelerated feedback on their latest releases. This is where the artist in me, who has lived through the CD era and played in countless sweaty clubs in the Bay Area, gets so excited. These tools are truly fulfilling the promise of digital streaming music services, and of course, it’s all about the connections.

When Pandora originally launched, the Music Genome Project gave digital radio stations to artists who likely never had the opportunity previously. For smaller artists, though, if their music was curated to play on our service, the “cold start” problem was still a significant hurdle.

How do you gain traction and not just speak to your existing fans, but grow a new audience on Pandora?

AMP is the answer. With these new improvements in data science, AMP’s Featured Tracks and Artist Audio Messages now provide the unprecedented ability for matching just the right fans among Pandora’s 76 million monthly active listeners with just the right artists, regardless of the artist’s size.

When an artist features a track and includes an Artist Audio Message telling the story behind it, this powerful science makes sure the right listeners hear it in just the right context. This context means these listeners are all the more likely to become new fans, discover new music, and connect in person at live shows. At the end of the day, making all the right connections is a key part of the reason Pandora sounds like you.

-Adam Zabarsky, Group Product Lead | Creator Services @Pandora


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