It’s been 25 years since Radiohead’s first studio album, Pablo Honey, was recorded in one single take. The angsty debut set the stage for their musical genius that continues to break experimental boundaries and has forever changed the rock genre. To celebrate a quarter century of one of the most influential bands of our time, we’re breaking out the data behind Radiohead’s history.

Check out Pandora’s Radiohead station and Concert Set playlist.

Fun facts:

  • Radiohead has racked up over 1.3 BILLION spins across Pandora to date.
  • Over 5.6 million Pandora listeners have added them to their music collection.
  • They average over 2 million spins per week across Pandora.

Top ranking Pablo Honey tracks:

  1. Creep: 327 million spins
  2. Lurgee: 8.2 million spins
  3. Thinking About You: 4.4 million spins
  4. Stop Whispering: 2.8 million spins
  5. Blow Out: 1.1 million spins

Top ranking songs across all albums:

  1. Creep: 327 million spins
  2. High and Dry: 131 million spins
  3. Karma Police: 104 million spins
  4. Fake Plastic Trees: 75 million spins
  5. Talk Show Host: 30 million spins

Cheers to 25 more.


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