As we’ve discussed, when you thumbs up a song, that act changes the station you’re listening to. Your Favorites, however, is a place to “bookmark” songs so that you can keep track of them for later. This will not change your stations one bit; it only keeps a list of songs so you don’t have to write down song or artist names on (gasp) paper. These two features are complementary, but distinct.
Favoriting a song (do this by clicking on the album art) will not alter your station, and thumbs upping a song will alter your station, but it will not keep a handy, printable list for you. Sometimes, you may want to thumbs up and favorite a song. That way you can mold your station while keeping track of the song for later reference. Whee, we’re geekin’ now!
“Favorites” is kind of a misnomer for me. These songs aren’t necessarily my favorites; I use it as more of a To-Research List. I add songs to my Favorites list when I like the song, sure. I’ve got five pages of Oh Wow, This Is A Great Song. But I also add songs to my Favorites page because I’m busy when the song comes on, and I really just want to research it later.

The unassuming Favorites list has all kinds of handy-dandy features.
* Click on the artist name to find out more about them at the info-licious
* Listen to clips of the songs.
* Arrange the list by date, song title, artist name, or by the station on which you heard the song.
* Click on the song name to see the cover and name of the album it came from.
* Click through to buy the tunes or albums from iTunes or Amazon.
* Print the whole beast out and bring it to your neighborhood record store so that you don’t draw a blank about what to get when you’re there.
* Here’s an idea that one listener clued me in to: print out your list and hand it to your loved one who doesn’t know what to get you for your birthday! Or (if the artist isn’t too obscure to be found on Amazon), click through our page to Amazon and add it to your Amazon wish list!
Another thing I do is plan CD playlist mixes via my Pandora Favorites list. Whenever I hear a song that fits whatever theme I’m working for the next mix, I keep track of it in my Favorites. Then I buy the tunes and organize them in iTunes (or similar software), creating, I must say, a work of Art.
You can add a song to your Favorites list even after the song is done playing…
This is handy for times when you step away from the computer for a bit and miss some songs…but now you want to know what those missed songs sounded like! As you know, you can’t rewind to re-play the song. Our music licenses don’t allow for that. But you CAN add the missed songs to your favorites list and listen to clips of them at your leisure. You can even still go back and give feedback on the song even though it’s no longer playing. (and feel free to delete the songs from your fave list by clicking on the little arrow to the left of the song name)
Any time you add a song to your Favorites, the list should pop up for you. Or, any time you just want to take a peek at what’s listed there, click on the little ‘Your Favorites’ box right above your tuner.
cheers, Lucia
written while listening to:
The Dead Texan Radio
this station is very mellow and spare. don’t let the name put you off.


  1. Christine
    June 13, 2006 at 6:58am
    Hi. I just wanted to say that I really love this site. I'm listening to Josh Groban as I type. It's awesome. I love how I can request one song and the station knows what kind of music I like to listen to. It's so convenient and free. It's so hard when every other station wants money just to listen to some music. I'm dealing with difficult times and money is really tight right now. I'm so glad when I can just get on my computer and go to It's so relaxing. I love this station and I plan on listening for a long time. Thank you so much for sharing this music with the public! ~Christine
  2. Stevusmaximus
    June 16, 2006 at 10:14am
    OK...There is a lot of 'stuff' on the web. But this is one of the finest things I have ever come across. It was love at first 'site' - I have been a listener for about 2 months and have customized a few stations. My suggestion would be if you all could try to add some calypso, junkanoo (Bahamas) and soca (Trinidad & Tobabgo) music - music from the Caribbean islands. There are some really great, very crative artists out there that don't get the mainstream attention. Some examples are Eugene Davis (aka Gino D),The Spank Band, K.B., Smokey 007, Visage, Funky D, Ronnie Butler, Spice, Eddie Minnis, T'rez Hepburn,Sweet Emily, Michael Montana, Byron Lee and the Dragonnaires ...The list goes on. Thanks for taking the time to check these out.You'll find something you like!!
  3. Faith No More Fan
    December 06, 2007 at 8:39pm
    Is there a way to add "Thumbed Up" songs to a station without having to have the song play first? I want to add more songs but don't want to add them as actual seeds.
  4. Nathan
    November 02, 2010 at 6:25pm
    How am I able to see the songs i favorited?

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