Here’s a funny thing. On the one hand, the very heart of what we do here at Pandora is centered on the idea that each and every one of us is unique when it comes to the music we love. We spend a lot of time every day making sure that Pandora stays true to that idea; always delivering music that you’ll love, irrespective of what others might like.
On the other hand, there’s a whole lot of you listening to Pandora these days and it’s pretty likely that there’s someone out there that shares enough of your musical perspective that it would be fun to take a look at what they’re listening to, sample their stations, and maybe even say hello. In fact, we think it’s a great way to discover new music you’ll love.
Today we made all of that, and a fair bit more, possible. Here are some of the new things to explore at Pandora:
Listener Profiles: Now you can use Pandora to maintain a complete description of your musical preferences, a kind of musical biography, and share it with the world. Just click the “Pandora Community” button above the player, select “View Your Profile,” and tell the world a little about yourself and the music you love.
Listener Search: Find other Pandora listeners that share your musical tastes, hometown, school, or place of work. Explore their favorites songs and artists, listen to their stations, and leave them comments. Even bookmark them so you can check what they’re into later. Just click the “Pandora Community” button and select “Find other Listeners” to get started.
Artist “Fans”: Browse profiles for other folks that are listening to each band we play. Just click the “more about the music” button above the player, search for a favorite artist or song page, and start exploring. Or once you’ve made a station, find other people listening to similar stations by clicking the little triangle next to your station’s name in the player and selecting “Find Other Fans of this Artist”.
Station Search: Search a universe of listener-created stations… looking for “Electro Goth“? no problem. “Romantic music“? yep. You name it, someone out there has probably built a station around it. Build a ‘station page‘ for each of your stations to ensure that your own creations show up in the search results. When you find a station you love, leave the stations creator a comment on their station page.
In the 24 hours since we put the software out there I’ve found dozens of people that love the kind of music I love — and I’ve found some artists and songs that I’d never heard before by browsing their profiles and stations. In fact as I write this I’m listening to a station I found (Kozelekian).
A few words about privacy: we certainly understand and respect that some of you want no part of this. It’s easy to set your profile to private so that other listeners can’t find you or view your profile. Just click over to your profile (click the “Pandora Community” button above the player and select “View Your Profile”), click the small edit button on the right hand side of the center column, then click the “make my profile private” option. If you have other privacy concerns, we certainly want to hear about them. Don’t hesitate to send us email ( As with the rest of Pandora we take your feedback on the things we do extremely seriously and with something as important as privacy we want to make sure that you’re comfortable with what we’re doing.
Have fun exploring…
CTO @ Pandora
PS: One of the little things we did with the new release was to integrate some Flash version checks. The idea was to make sure that folks were running a version of Flash (7/8/9) that ensured the best possible Pandora experience. It turns out that some of you who had been using Flash 6 without any trouble at all couldn’t listen today because your work computer wouldn’t let you upgrade to the newer version. We messed up. We’re going to reverse that change and stop requiring the newer Flash versions. We’ll get that fix rolled out in the next few days tonight for sure. Thanks in advance for your patience on that front.


  1. Nate
    May 29, 2007 at 10:56pm
    When you first enabled Shared Stations, I thought it would be cool if I could influence my experience of a Shared Station with my thumbs feedback. It seems I now can, but if I do the Shared Station ceases to reflect the station owner's future feedback? I would have preferred you allow me to put a filtering lens on a dynamic station - not adopt the station as my own. If the station owner likes a song, but I don't, my vote should win out when listening to my version of their station. Other than that, I want the Shared Station to reflect the station owner's ongoing input. Otherwise it ends the conversation. (Is there some other place you would have preferred I posted this comment? A forum?)

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