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Hi, I’m Lucia. I’m your Listener Advocate here at your musical playground, Pandora. I’ve had the pleasure of “meeting” thousands of you already, via email. Pandora employs me to make sure that your Pandora-related needs and wants are being paid attention to. Back when Pandora was being tested on a few listeners, I was a die-hard Panfanatic and couldn’t stop talking about Pandora to anyone who would listen. Now that I work here, it’s considered a good thing that I obsess about Pandora all the livelong day.
If you were to walk around our office on any given day, you would hear numerous exciting (and excitable) discussions about how to make Pandora better. This team is at work night and day coming up with new ideas and new-and-improved plans. The Pandora brainiacs work passionately at bringing you the best music, the best service, the best of the web.
One of my favorite parts of the job is hearing your anecdotes about Pandora. Many of you are kept saner at work because of Pandora. You tell us that your city only offers up tired radio stations, and that Pandora has saved you from musical boredom. Others of you have abandoned your radios and even your ipods because of us. And many DJs have written to us to thank us for providing them with a perfect way to find new tunes. Pandora has become your musical companion, and that makes me happy! All we want is for you to find music that moves you, and for more moving music of all kinds to be heard.

Speaking for myself and my group of friends, we have discovered so much amazing music on Pandora, music that we had never heard of, that we’re spending more and more of our free time and free cash attending live music shows; the shows of the artists we discovered on Pandora!
Sunday night, in fact, some friends and I went to hear KT Tunstall at The Fillmore. It was a superb show, and as the three of us chatted, we realized that none of us would have heard of her if not for Pandora. In fact, the reason KT’s music was added to Pandora this winter was because you wrote to us and suggested that we add her music to our collection. So thanks to you, our unofficial music scouts. We’re all reaping the benefits of your careful listening.
cheers, Lucia
written while listening to:
Benny Goodman Radio
An elderly gentleman wrote to me last week to tell me how much he and his wife are enjoying Pandora. He said that this Benny Goodman station was taking them back in time to his high school days, almost 70 years ago. Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey, Red Norvo, Eddie Daniels, Count Basie, etc. I added Benny Goodman Radio to my list of stations, and I’ve got to say, it’s putting a big fat smile on my face.
Because it’s not just about discovering brand new music, but also about (re)discovering the stuff you’ve missed or forgotten about.


  1. Cat
    August 23, 2010 at 2:13pm
    hey i was just wondering how i can look at all the favorites that i have marked over time. thanks!

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