Here’s the third in our series of spotlights on the music of Pandora’s Music Analysts. (click here for the first and the second)
Seth Ford-Young (at left, with Jeff Anthony at right) is one of our Senior Analysts and can be found playing the bass on a Myles Boisen station, as well as on a Mia and Jonah station. The Boisen cd is blues-based improvisational music. Mia and Jonah is a singer-songwriter duo blend of country, folk, and rock. It’s not hard to catch Seth gigging around San Francisco; he’s constantly playing live. And look for him on Tom Waits’ new release, coming out this fall!
Will Redmond can be found on Pandora on the Blipvert station. With a smirk, Will refers to Blipvert as “heavy duty computer music.” I saw Will perform once, and he ripped his glasses right off his face and threw them on the ground while he was playing. I was impressed by his rock star cred, to say the least!
Scott Barkan is a recent transplant from New York, where he got his degree in music composition. He can be heard on the Barky station. Barky is an instrumental indie rock and avant jazz trio based out of New York City.
Jellyroll is a band that involves several of our Music Analysts. Steve Dekrone plays the drums, Seth Ford-Young the acoustic bass, and Tom Griesser plays the tenor sax. Along with three other non-Pandora musicians, they play jump-blues and swing, some covers, along the lines of Louis Jordan, Helen Humes, early Etta James, and some original material.
Chris Horgan (pictured below, in our CD library) and Christian Runge, two integral and hard-working parts of the Pandora family, are Beatropolis. Theirs is electroacoustic music in the styles of downtempo and drum and bass. Chris and Christian are also found on the Syncrosystem station, which is a nice world fusion.


  1. Teona
    June 28, 2006 at 4:56am
    Hey, I think this radio station is great. I have been searching for a good station on the net and I have found it! Thank you and have a great day! Teona
  2. Gauvin
    June 28, 2006 at 6:40am
    Hello from french woman, thanks a lot for your work, i'm found of ! ;)
  3. ObiWanKeenobi
    June 28, 2006 at 10:33am
    My question is, why does Chris Horgan have a pool cue in his hand? Is there a table in the CD library?
  4. Lucia @ Pandora
    June 28, 2006 at 12:49pm
    Horgan just carries around a pool cue. He's funny like that. :) Yes, actually, we do have a pool table. Believe it or not, we work hard here in the Pandora office, and occasionally people play a game of pool for a break. Actually, Chris pretty much never plays pool, but in this instance, he was waiting for a problem with his computer to be solved. I'm loathe to bother the Analysts when they have their headphones on, so I took the opportunity to take a quick pic during his "break." Good eye, Obi!
  5. Michael
    June 28, 2006 at 1:52pm
    Blipvert is definitely cool! Lying on my bed, after a 10+ hour workday, just after a good shower. Really cool music to enjoy! Mermin was perfect for chilling, and With got me pretty tripped up. Great! Obi - don`t wonder about that, our company has an empty room used for playing, a library and chill rooms. And lots of board games too. Still got enough room for a pool table, but our sales people play office golf, not pool - else we could meet one day and do a tournament ;-) What do you do in your companies, except listening to Pandora (obviously?). Michael, the guy with the "blatant advertising": - Talk with us!
  6. Patrick
    June 28, 2006 at 2:15pm
    This is incredible! A question: How much does my clicking Like/Dislike affect what is picked next? Sometimes I hesitate to rate a song because I might like that some aspect of it (the artist/lyrics/rhythm/etc) but not the song as a whole, and I do not want the aspect I like to be excluded from future content. And a suggestion: Be able to have songs defaut to "Like" if the user does not input a preference. I like rating the songs, but as your service is pretty good, I do not need to click "Dislike" very often. So, it would be nice be able to choose to have the songs automatically get catagorized as "Like". Thanks for this great service! It is web 2.0 at it's best and very inspiring!
  7. rob
    June 28, 2006 at 8:18pm
    hey dont get me wrong u guys r great but how can u not hav hollywood undead...its lyk in myspaces top 10
  8. dimitri
    June 29, 2006 at 2:55am
    hey guys, you're doing a great job. keep on! i like the site. it's a really great project. it's amazing that i can listen to music that i like anytime i want.
  9. Jay
    June 29, 2006 at 11:02am
    Off-topic question I accidentally logged out a few minutes ago. When I logged back in, my play list from this morning was still up and it just began the next song. Are you becoming even MORE amazing? That's OK, I can handle it. jay
  10. Will Redmond
    June 29, 2006 at 6:36pm
    Hey Michael- Will/BlipVert here. Just wanted to give a shout and say thanks for listening, and was delighted to read your post! Very flattered to have someone go to the trouble of mentioning the fact they enjoyed my music. Drop me an email at with your address, and I'll send you out a few CDs if you like. As well, (for a bit more shameless promotion), I'll be at the SF Underground on Thursday July 20, then in NYC in August for a quick tour. My live shows get way outta control, so come on down... You can check out my sites at : Also, thanks to Lucia for her 'labour of love' work in mentioning the artists here at Pandora. There are so many talented people here I can't keep track. Check out their music, sites, and shows as well.... Thanks again for listening to and supporting new music Michael. Cheers!

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