Finally broke down and picked up some voice recognition software today. It was that or wrist casts! I’ve been having a wonderful time corresponding with all the music lovers that have become part of pandora. And I really mean ‘part of’ pandora. We’re reading every word: bug fixes, new feature ideas, suggestions for improving the interface, and what probably stands out most – the unbelievable number of music recommendations – simply fantastic. Everything from out of print bluegrass gems to underground death metal must-haves; from great garage recordings with hastily pasted UPC stickers, to early records from legends that we didn’t even know existed. If this continues, the Music Genome Project will in no time become the world’s greatest record collection.
Perhaps the most gratifying part of the last month has been this vivid reminder, in the form of this flood of wonderfully thoughtful and personal emails, of just how much music means to everyone. Thanks to all of you for your generosity in sharing your musical passion and history with us.
Keep it comin’… (sorry in advance for the slower replies… doing our best)
Also, I want to start meeting you. I’m going to drop a note when I’m travelling to various cities and towns. Would love to sit down and talk music. Check in periodically to see when we’re doing it next. NYC is on the list this week.


  1. E
    December 12, 2005 at 8:06am
    Are there plans for having music from other countries? Like Japanese pop?
  2. Anon
    December 12, 2005 at 8:37am
    Pandora is great. I listen to it all day at work and I really like the idea of how it works based on sounds. I do have a couple of comments: - Would it be too hard to normalize all the songs? I have to keep adjusting the volume. - Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down. Nice and simple, but what about remembering when a song is given a thumbs up, so I don't have to (UI design principle). You may have heard or weighed up these things before, but they are my initial findings after using it for about 2 weeks :-)
  3. Mitesh
    December 12, 2005 at 9:58am
    Ok... I'll bite. How do I find you when you're in NYC?
  4. Sean
    December 12, 2005 at 10:05am
    I just came across Pandora today, and all I have to say is wow. I don't think I've signed up for anything as fast as I did with Pandora. This is the 'best' thing I've ran across on the internet. Groups are being played that I have never ever heard of... and kicking myself for never ever hearing of them. Suggestion: Not sure if this is possible, but it'd be nice to go back to previous played tracks. Don't know what else to say, but god damn... keep it up!
  5. ANIL
    December 12, 2005 at 10:37am
    All that is wonderful, but I am still unable to hear a song from Pandora. Please make it possible for dialup users to hear music from Pandora. I would simply love it if I could download songs or be able to stream it. And you know, people will appreciate you only if you allow them to listen to the song of THEIR choice, not YOUR choice. Because generally people will be in mood to hear a particular song at a time of day depending upon their mood. When you provide it to them, they will not only become happy but also recommend you as the best thing that ever happened to them. If you dont, I dont know how many people would really like it.
  6. Curt Jernigan
    December 12, 2005 at 2:10pm
    How do I delete a station?
  7. mark
    December 12, 2005 at 2:27pm
    Hey, Pandora is really fun, I was just tipped off to it today. My first question (sorry if this is the wrong place; I can't figger out where else to ask) is why do my selections repeat with great frequency (ie one list had 4th of July by Galaxie 500 appear within 5 songs of each other). Thanks for all you do to create this fascinating service! mark
  8. Mark Randle
    December 12, 2005 at 2:57pm
    Well Tim, A friend of mine in CA turned me on to this today and I must say I am pretty thrilled. The interface is clean, the initial selections based just on Daniel Lanois were interesting including a couple of unheard ofs. As I tweak the station the response seems appropriate. FAQ has no mispellings, EULA is as straightforward as possible; you guys are doing it right! I look forward to being involved with Pandora on an ongoing basis. Thanks fellers! Mark Randle Gestalt Technology
  9. Steve from San Carlos
    December 12, 2005 at 4:53pm
    Love the service. Is fun to figure out some of the quirks and subtleties....Honestly? I still enjoy my Rhapsody stations too, but if you're a jazz fan in particular, you are VERY well served by Pandora. Suggestion: Would be nice if you guys could provide the length (min., sec.) of each song as it is currently playing, as well as show the time elapsed. This is a common feature on Launchcast Radio, Rhapsody, etc. Keep up the good work...and I hope Pandora makes money (so the service sticks around for awhile)!
  10. Linda
    December 12, 2005 at 7:15pm
    Incredible site. I've been recommending it to everyone! When my computer is on, you're there. :) Thank you!

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