Hi everybody and welcome to the Pandora Preview. For some time we’ve been hard at work building what we hope will be the best music discovery service anywhere and we’ve just kicked off our preview release. We’ve dedicated our attention to creating a service that is all about the music itself. Pandora isn’t focused on bios, histories, band photos, hyperlinks and so forth. Instead we created something that lets you use your ears, not your mouse to discover new music.
Everyone here is really passionate about helping people connect with great music. I think Pandora is a great step toward that goal and I hope you discover something really great today. For my part, I’ve been listening to stations based on Wilco, Bright Eyes, and Iron & Wine and I’m hearing something new and unexpected every day.
The preview release is all about getting your feedback and we’d love to hear from you. Drop a note to pandora-support with your feedback or leave us a comment here on the blog. We’re really looking forward to hearing from you.


  1. Larry Kloss
    July 30, 2005 at 12:26pm
    More Suggestions for Pandora: When I "dis" a song, don't tell me, "Sorry about that." Is Pandora truly, genuinely remorseful? Sheesh. Gimme a break. Make the "YOUR STATIONS" list alphabetically sortable. Currently the list is just chronological by when stations were created. How the heck do I find a station I created early on? I have to sort throught 100 station names. If a subscriber thinks a song sucks, give her/him the option of never ever having to hear that song again--not just on that particular list--on any list. Drop "Radio" from the end of the name of every station. The current setup makes station names too long and unnecessarily causes them to be listed with "..." at the end of the station name. (The column width under "Create a New Station" is too skinny.) Yes, I understand I have the option of renaming the station, but it's a minor pain. Put "quotes" around the song title of a station's name when a station is named after a song. Better yet, have 2 lists: one list for stations that are named after artists and a second list for stations that are named after song titles. Number the stations in the "YOUR STATIONS" list. That way you'd know how many stations you've created. Will paying subscribers also be limited to 100 stations? If so, then numbering the stations is even more of a necessity. The scrollbar on the side of the "YOUR STATIONS" list is unwieldy and difficult to operate. Despite these quibbles, I'm have a truly great time exploring Pandora. Anally yours, Lorenzo
  2. Robert Bradley
    July 30, 2005 at 5:13pm
    I am captured by my computer. Instead of simply checking my e-mail; I am reading Salon and catching up with other reading while I listen to your grand vision. Good luck and Cheers! I am sure to learn a lot more about music as well as new artists...which brings me to this... My interest is in learning. Having access to prior playlists, reviews and album data would make for a more fully developed service that would make you more than "the DJ", but rather, the authority. Thanks.
  3. Derek Jensen
    July 30, 2005 at 9:21pm
    This is fantastic! I'd seen it demonstrated at your offices and was eagerly awaiting it's beta release. Thanks for letting me test it. One comment I have is that the volume levels seem to not be consistent from track to track.
  4. Gene Ohme
    July 31, 2005 at 5:25pm
    Born in 551 B.C., K'ung Ch'iu (aka "Confucius") attempted to perfect himself in the six ancient arts: charioteering, archery, history, ritual, numbers, and...music. Master K'ung felt that the "flowering of the individual" is the ultimate aim in life; for as people cultivate harmony within themselves, each person will bring peace everywhere. He believed that music consummates a man's life, giving his rituals meaning...and that music has a transforming effect on its listeners and should be the first principle of government! As it helps people discover new musical loves, perhaps Pandora should start endorsing candidates for public office who are willing to run on a "music first" platform :-)
  5. SVarnadore
    August 01, 2005 at 10:09am
    OK.. you guys have done it.. there are now TWO Loreena McKennitt songs I like. Woulda never known w/out Pandora (I'd kinda given up on liking Ms. McKennitt's work)! Next thing you know I'll hear a Cheryl Crowe song I like (Hey.. it could happen!) Must concur with previous blogs on the Stations and their identification/sorting. I'd prefer to be able to order them myself as I tend to go through moods over the course of a few days and being able to set the current mood's station(s) at the top would make things easier on me. The previous comment about numbering is, imho, also very wise. I'm beginning to see the benefit of 100 stations (Thanks to Pandora and the differences I can now here, I plan to make a 'Jammin' and a "Hard-Core" to differentiate between two stages of High-Energy), so perhaps numbering would be wise. I agree w/ the previous comment about being able to view one's 'entered' and 'I like this song' selections. In my view, to keep ease-of-use to a maximum (by limiting the potentially immobilizing number of choices), I'd suggest not adding that function to the 'standard' release. If a premium service is going to be provided above the standard, then this would be where to place 'control fiend' stuff for people like me. Comment from a friend when I related the tale of Donna Lewis on my Jammin list: That's GOOD.. I WANT some diversity, not just the same stuff every time! Good thing he's now been invited, eh?
  6. Peter
    August 01, 2005 at 10:10am
    I've just spent my first couple of hours using the service, and on first glance it looks wonderful. Just a couple of suggestions: 1. It'd be really nice to have a way to tell how long the song is, and how long its been playing. 2. I think the option to suggest either like or dislike of a song should also be an option when you click on a song as well as when you click the "Guide Us" button. Finally, a question: is the service optimal at more input or less? That is, how many songs should I say I like or dislike? Should I put all my favorite artists into one station and get a variety (i.e. Launch Radio) or create different stations for each genre? Overall, excellent work!
  7. Missy
    August 03, 2005 at 8:28am
    Just to put Pandora to the test, I immediately put in some of the more obscure music on my hit parade: The Books? Pandora did not blink an eye, put on one of my favorite Books songs, then not to be outdone, played a track by Animal Collective. Wow! I'm impressed! Then, as if to say, "How ya like me now??" it put on a band I'd never heard of that I loved right away. I went straight to Amazon and bought a CD. Ok, how about Juana Molina? No problem. Pinback? Pandora sees my Pinback and raises me a Neotropic. You guys have seriously been busy listening!! Thanks again- Excellent work!
  8. Missy
    August 03, 2005 at 3:39pm
    A suggestion for future versions: How about if, in addition to "Buy this song on Amazon" and "Buy this song on iTunes" there was a link to "Learn more about this artist on All Music Guide" or go to the artist's website?
  9. lu
    August 04, 2005 at 8:19pm
    I can't even tell you how much I love Pandora. I'm telling friends that I finally found the best and most important use of the web! I can't believe how much new music I'm discovering due to your hard work. I can't wait to pay for the service, and I find the future rates very reasonable. Even with all the money I'll be spending on new music now. **It would be great to be able to know if a particular artist I'm listening to is local. I don't know how that would work, but it would be great. Pandora recommended to me one of my favorite local bands, with no input from me. (20 Minute Loop, of San Francisco, if you're curious) Once I got over my shock at Pandora's omniscience, I was suddenly a little nervous that these other bands that I'm being turned on to are local, and that I could be missing out on seeing them live! I guess even a link to band websites would accomplish this, 'cause Amazon doesn't always clue me in. I'm finding the interface really easy to use, and funny and friendly! I love the casual "voice" of Pandora. And I love that it's not considering labels or popularity when it recommends music. This is so important to me! I find some of the other users' comments a little picky, but it's true that if your music licenses allow for it, it would be really helpful to be able to know what songs have played recently. I'm adding everything I like to my Amazon wish list, but if I'm not hypervigilant about that, I get sad about "losing" the name of a band or song that I really liked. Thanks again. I am going to do my little part to make ya'll rich and famous. -a Pandora evangelist
  10. SVarnadore
    August 05, 2005 at 3:45am
    Pandora, Week 1: Still lovin' every minute. I'm discovering a LOT of music I'd never heard by artists I like (Bjork had so much more to offer than I'd realized) and a LOT of stuff I'd never have given a chance at the local CD place! I have a bunch of friends now using it and they all love it!! I've been showing them how to use the Guide Us Button to tailor their preferences. One friend who's been using a My biggest challenge now is trying to remember songs I like so I can add them to my stations or, when I'm driving somewhere and hear one I like, remembering the name long enough to add it when I get back. Pandora seems to have learned that when I use one particular station, I want a VERY limited type of song. So I'm guessing that the tailoring function is working pretty well! Of course, being Pandora, she still sneaks in the occasional surprise for me and I must admit, they always match at least some of my criteria for that station!!!

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