As you now know, you can get Pandora on your iPhone. Our staff is of course very excited about this, and so are music fans!
Pandora staff fanned out to several Apple Stores around the country last night and early this morning to meet Pandora fans, demo Pandora on the iPhone, and….stand in line. Reports are that hundreds of iPhone fans queued up outside Apple Stores from very early in the morning, some even camping out overnight to be the first to get the new iPhones.
I’ll let the pictures tell the story…
Chicago Apple Store line
Chicago, with 500 iPhone fans in line in the rain. This fellow is a doctor, and says that staff at his hospital listen to Pandora on breaks and while doing paperwork.

iPhone line at Emeryville Apple Store
Emeryville, California: Chris Martin (left) and Craig Sterry, of our software engineering team, handing out coffee and Pandora swag to Pandora and iPhone enthusiasts.

Chicago Apple Store line
Chicago Apple Store, having been in line since 3pm yesterday afternoon!

Tim demonstrates Pandora on iPhone
Tim, demo’ing Pandora on the iPhone in the San Francisco Apple Store line.

Pandora's Paul Stiff with Pandora fan
Paul Stiff, Pandora product management, inside the Chicago Apple Store with a fan showing off Pandora on the iPhone.

Pandora fan
Finally inside the store, buying his new iPhone, at the Chicago Apple Store.

iPhone Line SF
Apple Store line going down the block in downtown San Francisco; notice the tent.


  1. td
    August 05, 2009 at 10:46am
    Any idea why Pandora won't work via my iPhone in a Bose docking station? It says it "Can't Connect with Pandora." Thanks!
  2. david
    December 27, 2009 at 8:51am
    Can you get Pandora on a t-mobile french phone?? I can't seem to download it.....and it doesn't appear on a "pandora" search on the app store. I guess my french apps are a different list. (would love more french music have Carla Bruni, but oddly, only her few english songs)...regardless it is the BEST website ever bar none....I have found so many artists I now have on my iPod also)

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