You may be surprised at how many Pandora listeners there are who are over 70 years old. Some of them are using the internet daily, so put away your stereotypes! There are other older listeners who are using the internet solely for listening to music via Pandora, having been turned on to it by a relative or friend.
More than one listener over 70 has written in to tell us that while listening to Pandora they’re actually getting up to dance to their old favorites such as Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry, remembering doing The Twist, The Jitterbug and The Bunny Hop.
Hollywood Palladium, 1940
Last week a gentleman wrote in to tell us that he’s 82, and that his Benny Goodman and his Tommy Dorsey stations remind him of his teenage years, dancing at the Hollywood Palladium in the 1940s. (Entry fee: 50 cents.) Another woman, 71, listens to music from her college days on Pandora on a laptop, in bed. She likes the trip down memory lane listening to Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, and Louis Armstrong. The internet is sometimes thought of as a young person’s game, but we’re finding that love of music draws listeners of all ages.


  1. Don
    November 02, 2006 at 7:50pm
    Hey, I'm 72 and my favorite music is from BEFORE my time. The 20's and 30's Louis Armstrong, Bix Biederbecke, Isham Jones, Ted Weems et al. Some of it I didn't know was available until Pandora found it. I have bought several CD's from Amazon as a result.
  2. Rob O
    November 02, 2006 at 9:30pm
    Second that on the genre search. I tried to type in "Classical" today and was presented with a question asking if I meant the song The Classical by The Fall or Emergency Music. I know that the artist and song search is much more advanced and revolutionary but sometimes you just want to listen to an entire genre of music.
  3. Marti Evans
    November 03, 2006 at 4:12am
    Why does the music fade in and out? It's very irritatging!!
  4. Dale
    November 04, 2006 at 7:47am
    I also would like to put my vote in for a genre catagory. It would open up the possibilities for finding music, if one doesn't know the title or artist. Thanks
  5. Sally
    November 04, 2006 at 10:24am
    Still a youngster here at 65. I am a great blues fan and I am very happy that you have quite a good selection of the original blues singers and players. I would like to be able to pick songs out by genre, too. Like Classic Rock and Roll! I love Pandora!

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