One of the things we care a lot about here at Pandora is giving you a space to share your musical discoveries with the world. That’s what the “Your Favorites” page is all about. Whenever you discover a song on Pandora that you love, just click on the album art and select “Add to Your Favorites Page.” That adds the song to your personal favorites page. You can then easily share the page URL with your friends.
With tonight’s release we’ve upgraded the favorites page with some new features:
– You can now listen to a 30-second sample of each song on any favorites page (your page, or one of your friends pages).
– When you visit a friend’s favorites page (for example,, you can click any of the stations listed and that station will be immediately added to the list of stations in your player. Sharing stations is easier than ever.
– Each song on a favorites page now links to a “song page” where you can view album art, listen to a 30-second sample, and purchase the song from iTunes or Amazon. These are great URL’s to pass around to your friends too. Here’s a song I love: Lua by Bright Eyes.
– Your favorites are now available as an RSS feed. Just click click the orange XML icon get the feed URL and then add it to your favorite aggregator (My.Yahoo!, Bloglines, NetNewsWire, etc.). Your friends can subscribe to your feed of favorites and then they’ll be notified each time you discover a great new song. For a really neat trick, add your Pandora favorites feed to the Mac OS X “RSS Visualizer” screensaver for a cool animated show of everything you’re finding on pandora.


  1. nora
    April 28, 2010 at 8:17am
    Okay I am going to add another comment on the explicit lyrics thing. I am a teacher and I like to play pandora during work time for my students. My students love hip-hop, as do I, but I don't want to play songs with explicit lyrics in class(for obvious reasons) but I still want the opportunity to introduce them to hip hop they haven't heard. Plus I don't want to opt out of explicit lyrics all the time by changing my account settings. I still want to listen to music on my time that does include explicit lyrics. So I love pandora, but I do think that it is worth exploring how to limit explicit lyrics, but still give some choices.
  2. lisa
    November 05, 2010 at 8:47am
    I agree, it would be nice to have the option to censor it. They could use the same rules that apply to tv or radio. Yahoo Music had the option and I loved it. everyone is different and some people may enjoy hearing explicit things while others find it offensive. I think the option should be available. ps. I'm 25 years old with several piercings and a tattoo, and I still think everyone should be able to have it their own way.
  3. Charles
    January 31, 2011 at 10:00am
    I would really like the ability to have Pandora play censored or "Radio Edit" versions of songs. This is because we really like playing Pandora throughout the office and we know that if we put in certain artists or songs then there will be explicit content that isn't approrpriate for the office. Just a thought.
  4. Dan
    February 05, 2011 at 9:42am
    Personally, I hate hearing censored music. I think it ruins the song. Not to say that obscenities NEED to be present, but if the song was written with them, I think they should stay. I'd really like Pandora to give 3 options on censorship: "Always choose censored version", "Don't care", and "Never use censored version". I don't think that would really be too hard.
  5. Allison
    October 03, 2011 at 11:44am
    I just wanted to put my two cents in... I am a high school teacher. I teach Multimedia and Web Design 2. We play music at least 85% of the time. This is a wonderful tool to help with ADD and ADHD kids. It helps them to stay focused on the task. I LOVE alternative, rock, a little eminim, R & B, oh just a little of everything I guess. I love putting on Pandora, but I keep running into the problem of cussing every other song. I don't mind the cussing but it is against district policy, therefore I am forced to follow the rule. I would GREATLY appreciate an option to get the non cussing versions of all of our favorite songs. Otherwise, we keep getting stuck with boring songs none of us know. I WOULD love the option to get all the same songs without the cussing.... I hope they come up with the option soon so we can actually listen to songs we all like, even if they are the edited versions.
  6. talk2much84
    November 23, 2011 at 3:02pm
    I'd also like a checkbox that excludes explicit music. I don't think that Pandora would need to incur any overhead costs to define "explicit" material since the music is already labelled "explicit". Just exclude anything that says "explicit" right on it. For those that think that consumers should listen to it without their children, why would they? If I have to find another music service for my kids, I'll just get my own music there too.
  7. Hilary Melander
    January 31, 2012 at 2:08pm
    I think some of the listeners have misunderstood the original suggestion to make it an option for listeners to listen to "radio version" or censored lyrics. Its not a matter of trying to keep people from expressing their ideas and thoughts. In fact the listener is supporting that essential value just by making her simple request known. So we need to do better and give them the benefit of the doubt. I too would like to listen to music that is edited. I am in no way naive in thinking that the world should also conform to my preferences. I would just like to have the option of being able to listen what I like just like the listeners who like explicit lyrics have the option to listen to what they would like to listen to. I don't think it is ultimately appropriate to tell this concerned listener that explicit language or actions are happening around us therefore they should embrace it and support it. it doesn't mean we have to like it, accept it, or just take it. I realize that children and adults hear this kind of talk and content at school, the workplace, in the news, and even in the home. I don't know if I or anyone would think it is fundamentally wrong to just want to give someone, if they like, a brief relief from that "reality." That is the beauty of music. You can use it to connect to the rhythm, beats, energy, and experience all kinds of emotion- it can represent a temporary release from outside forces impinging into your life. Why not let individual listeners have a say in the music they do or do not like to listen to? Just some thoughts. I am not writing this with the intent to insult anyone. In fact I think it is terrific that listeners and Pandora are open to dialogue. It is a good opportunity for everyone to discuss it.

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